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Takes care of himself well, 79 carat diamond for his wife

Posted by MYR on December 14, 2007 at 10:56 AM

14 Dec 2007 - Takes care of himself well, 79 carat diamond for his wife

Takes care of himself well, 79 carat diamond for his wife

Source: Sing Tao Daily

14 Dec 2007

Zeng Yu Tung is famous for loving his wife, recently he even plans to present his wife with a 79 carat diamond. He declares that he takes care of himself well, and has no girlfriends. He also declared that he has never given his god-daughter Michelle Ye any diamond before, and laughed saying she does not fuss him to!


Yesterday and exclusive deluxe jewellery exhibition was heldat Grand Hyatt, and the boss Zeng Yu Tung was present early to admire it. He reveals he has a collection of a 79 carat diamond which he plans to give to his wife. When asked if he only gives to his wife? He laughed saying: "Who else? (Girlfriend?) I don't have any, why don't you introduce me one? They complain I'm too old." Does he give diamond if he angers his wife? He smiled saying he did not make any mistakes.


Uncle Tung taught others how to court girls, it's a piece of cake, just bring them to jewelry shop to buy diamond. He said he himself is not good at courting girs, and has no girls to court, he laughed saying he takes care of himself well. When asked what if the girl came to him initiatively? He said: "Just chat and drink and have meals. (Give diamond?) If I can afford it!" When asked what if his God-daughter fusses to buy diamond? He said he will get mad if she does. When asked again if he has ever given Michelle any diamond? He said: "No, even if she wants, she has someone else to fuss over. (Who?) I cannot reveal him."


Uncle Tung's 79 carat treasure only for his wife

Source: Ming Pao

A Christmas season is nearing, a jewellery exhibition worth up to a billion in total was held yesterday at Grand Hyatt Hotel, besides inviting internationally renowned model Leui Yin, they also invited 7 other super models. Zeng Yu Tung as the boss not only showed up to give his support but also kept constant look after the beautiful jewelleries worn by the models, even more professional that the securities.


Uncle Tung who owns countless of jewels revealed that he personally has a diamond of up to 79 carat, and declares that he will give it to his wife, while Michelle Ye who was once his beloved god-daughter did not even have one, and indirectly tried to draw lines with the mentioned.

Declares he does not have girlfriends


Hwen asked if he will give his other treasure to family members or girlfriends, Uncle Tung was smart to answer: "My daughter in law, or grandchildren needn't me to present them (with diamond). I don't even have girlfriend, but only have a wife! So if she likes any jewellery, I will surely give it to her, of course there is no price limitation.


Drawing lines with god-daughter


Humorous Uncle Tung was asked how he courts girls, he half seriously replied: "I don't know how to court girls, but if girls fuss, just ive her a jewellery." If he makes mistake, does he use this tactic to make up to hi wife? "I didn't even make mistake, but like Ho Hung San, since he has a few wives he needs to give to more!" What if girls went up to him and asked directly? "I will chat with her, eat with her, if I can afford it, I will buy a jewellery for her." Uncle Tung was getting more ecstatic while talking, but when mentioned of his God-daughter Michelle Ye, he drew lines saying: "If she fusses over me, I will be angry at her, I have never given her any jewellery. Actually she has never fussed me to buy any, she only fusses someone else, but I'm not in position to reveal who the person is!"

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