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Storyline of 'Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma'

Posted by Kim on November 11, 2006 at 10:03 AM

11 Nov 2006 - Storyline of 'Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma'

Credits: TnJerry @ michelleye.cn

Translation: Rain @ michelle-ye.com

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From Cao Lei's Blog : http://blog.sina.com.cn/u/4aa2a23f010006rl


11th November 2006

Storyline of 'Jiao yi Sheng Ma Ma' (From Cao Lei's Blog)


Heihei… Dearest friends, today in Hangzhou, I have finished filming all my scenes in 'Ma Que Bian Feng Huang'!


In the past few days, I was rushed in filming a movie, thus my schedule was very packed. So sorry for not updating my blog, I wish to express my apology to all my friends again. There has always been friends who keep asking about this film's news, thus today I will briefly give everyone a little information on the storyline, and post a few photos to allow all to understand more…


'Ma Que Bian Feng Huang' is a series that is mainly on romance. It takes place in the period of the early 70s till the late 80s. A ticket seller, Jian Li (Zhao Yue) in the cinema gave birth to a daughter, Jian Xiao Dan (Michelle Ye ) after her husband passed away suddenly. At the same time, Jian Li also picked up a newborn baby girl that was abandoned on Mid Autumn festival, and thus raised her as her own child, naming her as Jian Yuan Yue (Sun Fei Fei). Jian Xiao Dan and Jian Yuan Yue becomes a pair of sisters of the same age. Jian Xiao Dan accidentally got to know about her background of being an abandoned infant – the jealousy and the feeling of being imperfect in her soul led her to be psychologically disturbed. Her extreme hatred causes her to be full of enmity towards her mother, step father, sister and even everyone around her, except one, her true love is…


Gong Ke (acted by me), is a trainee teacher who fell in love with elder sister Jian Xiao Dan after an unintentional conversation over the wall. However, he accidentally saved the younger sister Jian Yuan Yue who was involved in a traffic accident, causing the younger sister to fall deeply in love with him. When the younger sister discovered her elder sister and Gong Ke's admiration towards each other, she was alarmed and began to come in between them by hook or by crook. Finally, she used her pregnancy of a child to force Gong Ke to marry herself. Gong Ke has never known the fact that they were in fact a pair of sisters initially. Yuan Yue then committed a deed she will never be able to forgive herself about and lost her loved one, also causing her elder sister to be jailed…


Later, Yuan Yue became wilder. Liu Wei Qiang (Zhang Mo) and Mike (Zhang Tian Lin ) who were both pursuing after Jian Xiao Dan were misled by Yuan Yue's deeds, she went all out, by hook or by crook to spoil their relationship. She vowed to be outstanding, and brainstormed all she could to transform from a sparrow. However, when she finally used up all her tricks, she became exhausted, and was no longer able to plan about others. Her heart became tired and bitter and finally turned insane. Meanwhile, Jian Xiao Dan, although kept being hurt by her, remained as kind, and has a big heart, accepting the hardship with an open mind, and struggled hard, she is peaceful, straightforward, and lived life steadfastly, she is full of the beautiful side of life…


Actually, in this big world, all living things, all the beautiful and the ugly, sweet and bitter, good and bad, depends on the existence or absence of love. Love can change everything, it can also damage everything. Appreciate the love in your heart and live our own real life steadfastly. Sparrow needn't become a Phoenix because Sparrow has its own happiness as well…


The whole series should be finished by approximately mid of December, and after the editing and inspection, is expected to meet all of you early next year. Hopefully all of you will like it…


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