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The Story of the Art Gallery

Posted by Kim on January 13, 2008 at 10:12 AM

13 Jan 2008 - The Story of the Art Gallery

Title: The Story of the Art Gallery

Posted On: 13th Jan 2008, 01:26:12

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The Story of the Art Gallery

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A computer illiterate like myself, I think I might not know how to go online very soon, even less likely to maintain a blog. I'm afraid that even my programming lecturer in my school last time might not believe his own eyes. Thus I must first thank my colleague, Siu Hung, who gives it (Michelle's blog) more than enough care. But you guys are rushing me a little to hurriedly, I really can't find time to write, and I'll feel guilty if I blindly scribble a post, furthermore there's really nothing interesting to talk about myself currently. So this post is just for Moon, An Da, Si Di, DongRen and little seahorses in the Bar.


Also please don't be too excited for my participation in that variety show, I heard from colleagues that you guys are flying there to visit me again, don't waste too much money, and don't be too hopeful since I'm not really an expert comedian. Even an expert might slip at times. Today when a design drawing was sent to my office, and I definitely have said I wanted a phoenix, but it looks more like a bird head and bird body human standing by the road daydreaming! The designer colleague, I believe, even graduated from a renowned designing institute, but submitted such a bird picture to pass, it's definitely below expectation.


Speaking of drawing, I recently became addicted with oil painting. I must have been influenced by the drawing 'The Last Supper' hung at the wall of the church. It was said that this drawing was damaged during the bombings of the second world war, but it still looked so real-life after being mended, it is definitely a finest work of lights and shadows. The art shop below ended its business recently, it was said that the rent was increased by multiple folds and became unaffordable, seeing I am an old customer, he sold me some drawings at a very discounted price. Pity my little house, Tammy, if you come to live at my house next month, you'll definitely think my house has turned into a heaven of art gallery. You've got to pardon me, it's not easy to be artistic.

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