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Michelle Ye: Domestic violence in 'Insanity' by Sean Lau; indirectly confessed to new sweet relationship

Posted by MYR on March 13, 2015 at 1:10 AM

13th Mar 2015

Source: http://www.1905.com/news/20150312/867721.shtml?fr=wwwfilm_news_zf_1_20150203#p1

Translated by Rain @ michelle-ye.com


From a TVB fadan until becoming the upcoming producer, career woman Michelle Ye's commitment in her career path is obvious to all. She was present at 'Star's Blast' section as guest with her new movie 'Insanity'. In the movie, Michelle Ye played Sean Lau's wife, transforming into a woman abused by her husband's domestic violence. Michelle Ye also related her dating experience on Valentine's Day, indirectly confessing to her new relationship.


Abused by Sean Lau in new movie; "Woman Chairman" will soon venture into producing movies


'Insanity' casting Huang Xiaoming, Sean Lau, Fiona Sit and Michelle Ye is about a psychiatrist's relationship with his patient. In the movie, Michelle Ye plays Sean Lau's wife, where she is not only abused by Sean but also later murdered by him. Michelle Ye revealed, "I was really happy when I first got the role, because I have worked with Sean a few times, but it is only when I went for the filming that I knew that is was a movie about domestic violence." Michelle Ye also teasingly complained, "I have been abused by Sean for consecutive two months in the movie."


Ever since establishing her own company in the year 2011, Michelle Ye has ventured to become a producer besides her actress role. In the recent years, she has focused in producing series. She then revealed that she will soon be venturing into movie production, "I hope to learn more, and contribute even more." As for her role as a boss, Michelle Ye said she is stringent with her staff, while also being very rewarding towards them, "For example we have overseas vacation annually, they will also receive lucrative red packets, we eat together, we stay together, just like a family."


Michelle Ye indirectly confessed being in a sweet relationship; brought five girl friends for a date where the man gave no complains at all


Besides her upcoming new movie, Michelle Ye's new relationship also surfaced recently. On the dawn of February 15th, Michelle Ye posted on Weibo "Because of you, my heart flutters!" Attached on Weibo was a photo where she posed with a cake and red wine, her lips pouted with a double peace sign pose at her eyes, like a teenage girl. Later on, Michelle Ye again posted a heartfelt message on Weibo, "Thank you for your love, life is beautiful." Many symptoms and tips revealed, seemingly to indirectly confess to the public about her new relationship.


When asked about her Valentine's day, Michelle Ye could hardly hide her elation, confessing her date on the day, "There was a surprise that day, I was supposed to have a date with a guy, it was to be at seven, but because of filming, I only arrived past 11, and he was sleeping then." Michelle Ye also revealed that the crew did not have their dinner that night due to filming, thus she brought five girl friends to her date, the poor man who waited in vain for 4 hours did not appear even the slightest bit annoyed, touching Michelle Ye deeply. However, when the host probed further if they are in a relationship, Michelle Ye only vaguely responded, "Still dating."


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