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Michelle Ye admits to freezing eggs 3 years ago, and did it twice as a guarantee

Posted by MYR on July 11, 2015 at 3:35 AM



Source: http://ent.qq.com/a/20150711/001791.htm

Translated by Rain @ michelle-ye.com

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11th Jul 2015


Military drama adapted from popular novel 'Ma Shang Tian Xia' is currently aired on DongFang TV. Yesterday, female lead Michelle Ye accepted reporter's interview. When asked about if there will be good news soon, Michelle Ye who claimed to be a 'tough lass' shyly replied, "I am not living together with my boyfriend, I will let you all know if I do have any good news."


It is not hard to tell that 'Immediately the World' (Ma Shang Tian Xia) is a war-theme series filled with 'male hormones'. It conveniently misleads audience that actresses are merely the supporting roles in terms of emotional scenes. Michelle Ye however proved these assumptions wrong, as aside her relationship plots in the series with Zhang Luyi, she also wore army costume to be in the frontlines. This allowed her much satisfaction, "It is really satisfying to be able to play such a heroic role!"


Ever since her debut, Michelle's roles are more dominantly 'manly', when she was handpicked this time around by the director to play this military role, she confessed that she is indeed a 'tough lass' in real life. "I am very similar to the role in the film, Yuen Chunmei, a very bold girl, if I was born in the war time era, I would most likely be in the frontlines."


Besides the war theme aspect, the highly challenging series also leaves a deep impression for her, "There was a scene where I am standing onstage to defend for Peter Ho, the dialog was 9 pages long, it was quite tiring." She revealed that it was summer during the filming and their winter padded costume cause her to be down with heat stroke, but because of her outstanding performance, it touched the director to tears at the scene. Reminiscing this, Michelle Ye humbly said, "Peter Ho was kneeling before me thanking me as his life savior, maybe it was the scene itself that is touching."


Ever since the exposure of her relationship with Mr. Xiao Mo, Michelle Ye can't help slipping her lovey dovey expressions, winning envies from all her friends. The two who are deeply in love are not spared the cheers of people around them to get married. When asked of this yesterday, she sweetly replied, "Let nature's takes it course; I will be more focused in life this year, this is all fated to be." As for the freezing eggs topic which is heatedly debated online recently, Michelle Ye admitted honestly to have had the procedure done three years ago, "Women can now be free of pressure and conventional binds, to enjoy life and work, I feel this is a good approach."


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