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Michelle Ye: I'm the real mafia boss in 'Lady Cop, Papa Crook'

Posted by MYR on December 30, 2008 at 10:40 AM

30 Dec 2008 - Michelle Ye: I'm the real mafia boss in 'Lady Cop, Papa Crook'

Michelle Ye: I'm the real mafia boss in 'Lady Cop, Papa Crook'


Source: Bai Ling Entertainment

30th Dec 2008




In 'Lady Cop, Papa Crook', I play Eason Chan's wife, she looks gentle on the outer and is also pregnant, where in fact she is the real big boss of this mafia family, she will have her explosive moments. I have not watched Mainland's censored version, but I heard t has weakened this image of mine (mafia), quite a pity.


This is the first time I work with Eason. Before the start of our filming, the director told me he would film Eason to become Tony Leung, I was doubtful at that moment. He will pretend to be Michael Jackson at the set, when his mood is right, he will suddenly sing out loud, a total different attitude from Tony Leung. However Eason's performance has really impressed me, he is a person who has deep emotions, and can absorb very quickly into the script. His role this time not only requires him to be solemn, to lead the entire mafia family, he also needs to expresses his deep love when facing with his wife and son. I remember one of the scene we have on bed where he helped me massage my foot which was cramped, we were both silently devastated by the fact that our son was kidnapped, but did not want the other to know it. Director requested us to cry it out, but Eason couldn't so I softly told him that man may not let tears drop even when they are sad. Later he could cry very perfectly, and the director praised him highly, he was jubilant like a child, then turned around to start fooling around again.


When I decided to leave TVB three years back to sign with Media Asia, it is my first step of entering the movie industry. I have the care of my boss Peter Lam, and thus appeared in my first movie 'Moonlight in Tokyo'. God takes care of me well, this movie has allowed me to be nominated in the 25th Hong Kong Golden Horse Awards in the Best Newcomer event, and that was also a movie of Felix Chong and Alan Mak collaboration. When they look me up again for this movie LCPC, I am only too honored too, also becoming my first movie released in Mainland.


Because I have acted in several TVB series, a lot of audience think I am from Hong Kong, I'm actually from Hangzhou, but have been to the States to study since young and then returned to Hong Kong to start work. I didn't know how to speak Cantonese at the start of my career and became the laughing stock of others, Hacken Lee was among those who laughed at me hardest.


Actually in Hong Kong, TV series and movie actors are of two different circles entirely. My decision to leave TVB was not an easy one. Some friends did ask if I ever regretted but I say no. Because I have been living in a foreign society since 13 years old, thus I know my taste and choice earlier than my peers of same age. However, I'm very lucky, there are always mentors looking after me, Media Asia has accepted several jobs for me such as Johnny To's 'The Red Circle', 'Assassins', as well as 'Murderer' and 'Sniper', etc. films, allowing me to learn new things ceaselessly.

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