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23 Dec 2008 - 'Lady Cop, Papa Crook' hitting screens during Christmas; Michelle Ye from teacher to 'Ah Sou'

Posted by MYR on December 23, 2008 at 10:06 AM

23 Dec 2008 - 'Lady Cop, Papa Crook' hitting screens during Christmas; Michelle Ye from teacher to 'Ah Sou'


'Lady Cop, Papa Crook' hitting screens during Christmas; Michelle Ye from teacher to 'Ah Sou'

Source: Tom Entertainment

23rd Dec 2008

Following the release of 'Forever Enthralled', 'If you are the one', 'Desires of the Heart', 'Beast Stalker', 'Ip Man', the long anticipated 'Lady Cop Papa Crook' will soon hit the screens this coming Christmas season. With golden partnership of Alan Mak and Felix Chong, as well as strong casts such as Eason Chan, Michelle Ye, Sammi Cheng, Zhang Guo Li etc, and with appealing police-bandit theme storyline, this movie became the most anticipated one of the season.


From 'teacher' to 'ah sou'; this role is 'two-faced'


As known by all, Michelle Ye plays mafia ah sou in the movie, and appears as a pregnant lady for the first time, however this 'ah sou' challenge did not belong to her in the first place. Initially, director Alan Mak let Michelle Ye play the teacher of the kidnapped child, but it was changed last minute. According to Michelle, she was a little disappointed, but then director had in fact arranged another role for her, Eason Chan's wife – a triad society ah sou.


Facing with a richer and more significant role, Michelle is full of gratitude. She described her role as 'two-faced'. The role is not the conventional triad society ah sou. This person usually looks calm and gentle, but when her son got kidnapped, her maternal love and power was revealed. There were times when even Eason Chan had to listen to his wife, it was apparent that this ah sou Michelle Ye plays is the actual 'heart' of the family. The role which was delicate enough to take care of her household as well as holding her family up at critical times, it is this that requires good performance from actors.


Admires directors' collaboration; Tony-Leung-type of Eason Chan resembles Leslie Cheung


LCPC is the second time Michelle Ye collaborates with Mak-Chong directors. Earlier on, she collaborated with them in 'Moonlight in Tokyo' and was immediately recognized and nominated for the Best Newcomer award. Collaborating once again, Michelle praised the two directors to be a super-matching collaboration, especially in their decision to choose Eason Chan to portray the solemn mafia boss. Lively and humorous Eason was made-over to become a Tony-Leung-type of sentimental character, when the directors chose him, they favored his 'siu sang aura'.


Felix Chong expressed, it was since 2006 when he already had his favor towards Eason Chan, "Watched his concert that time, with that attire and that make up, at that moment he led me into thinking Leslie Cheung." Michelle Ye who plays wife, upon hearing this agreed with the director, at a certain angle when you closely watch on, Eason Chan does see to have the aura of Leslie Cheung.


Now that LCPC will be released soon, be it Michelle Ye's first time playing the Ah Sou role, or Eason Chan's first time transformation from the past comedic roles, what left deep impression was the scene on bed when they were massaging one another, as well as the exposure of real emotions of Michelle's role, all these will become the appeal of the movie. LCPC becomes the first movie to be released (in Mainland), and it is also getting support of her series fans. In the new year, Michelle Ye will continue to walk the path of the movie route and is currently filming Johnny To's Hollywood production, challenging yet another different role, allowing her acting to mature progressively in the movie industry.

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