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Michelle Ye: This 'Ah Sou' is very deceiving

Posted by MYR on December 21, 2008 at 10:53 AM

21 Dec 2008 - Michelle Ye: This 'Ah Sou' is very deceiving

Michelle Ye: This 'Ah Sou' is very deceiving

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

21st Dec 2008


Playing wife to Eason Chan in LCPC


Hong Kong TVB fa dan, Michelle Ye who signed with Hong Kong Media Asia is beginning to venture into the big screen market, her participation in the movie 'Lady Cop Papa Crook' will hit the screens nationwide on 23rd Dec. In an interview yesterday, Michelle Ye told reporters that in the movie where she played Eason Chan's wife, she is in fact quite deceiving, "This Ah Sou looks very gentle and ladylike, but in fact has an explosive manner, even the mafia boss Eason Chan has to beware of her mood swings."


In LCPC, Michelle Ye will appear with the pregnant lady image for the first time. As her child was kidnapped, this Ah Sou will explode her maternal ferocity, "This kind of ferocity contains a lot of emotions, when talking with the kidnappers, her power will shake everyone around her, this woman is determined, at critical point of times, even big boss Eason Chan has to listen to her." As for playing a pregnant lady for the first time, Michelle Ye describes herself akin to a leaping frog, "Carrying a bid tummy around, my colleagues love to 'torment' me, they will suddenly give me a blow, or a kick, they just love to watch me scurry away, because once they attack, I need to leap away, like a frog!"

In LCPC, Michelle Ye has most scenes with Eason Chan, she told reporters that Eason Chan is recognized by the filming crew to be a good man, "He is not that weird and mischievous person in real life, he is very deep and responsible, he talks about his daughter, wife and all kinds of family matters."

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