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Michelle Ye appears in Chongqing playing chief engineer

Posted by MYR on October 20, 2010 at 10:46 AM

Michelle Ye appears in Chongqing playing chief engineer


Source: Chongqing Evening Paper

20th Oct 2010


Yesterday, 'Gang Hun' (literally 'Steel Soul') series starring Michelle Ye and Liu Xiaofeng filmed in low profile at the former residences of former warlord, Feng Yuxiang in the University City, reporters rushed to site upon tip off. Michelle Ye who has been in several modern time series in TVB will play an engineer of a steelworks factory, giving a refreshing feel to audience. The director revealed, the series is about the history of heavy steelworks industry.


Michelle Ye as attractive in office attire

During the visit of reporters, Michelle Ye was filming a discussion scene in office. Reporters saw the revamped of the former residence of Feng Yuxiang, and the banner of 'Resume production' was hung everywhere, creating the atmosphere of a factory. Michelle Ye changed from her past modern and ancient image, and is in her neatly brushed short hair, in a suit of grey office attire, she does look like an engineer at that glimpse. As Liu Xiao Feng did not have much scene yesterday, he was mostly on his seat while resting. The whole crew filmed in a secretive and low profile manner, there was a notice board at the entrance of the filming site, saying: "There will be penalty for those who distribute photos of filming before press conference."


Story of will uncover history of heavy steelworks industry


Director Mengke Bateer revealed plots of script to the reporters, that it is the story beings at a steel factory in Hanyang in 1938, and will progress until 1952, and is mainly about the history of heavy steelworks where Michelle Ye plays chief engineer, while Liu Xiao Feng plays director of factory.

Reporters was also made to understand that Michelle Ye's role is known as Da Dao Shu. According to Bateer, Da Dao Shu is an abandoned baby brought up by foreigners, the role is full of imagination. It was once rumored in the past that the female lead was Yin Tao or Jiang Qinqin, two sisters of Chongqing, Bateer explained that he did consider the two candidates but finally felt that Michelle Ye's charisma as well as he compatibility with other casts are best among, and thus chose her. He also revealed that the filming will continue at Chongqing for another two months.

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