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Chapman To exposes Michelle Ye cried bitterly for 16 hours for filming of 'Chu Gui De Nu Ren'

Posted by MYR on October 18, 2010 at 10:44 AM

Chapman To exposes Michelle Ye cried bitterly for 16 hours for filming of 'Chu Gui De Nu Ren'

Source: Sina Entertainment

18th Oct 2010

Chapman To's 'tweet' contents


Carrie Ng and Michelle Ye in a scene

Chapman To who is currently filming his new movie has updated a lot on his mini blog (tweeter alike) and shared much of the behind the scenes of the movie. In his latest tweet, he highly praised professionalism of the female lead of his new movie, Michelle Ye, while exposing that she had to cry bitterly for as long as 16 hours for the filming.


His tweet post wrote: "Participating in Director Calvin Poon's 'Chu Gui De Nu Ren' and met up with Michelle Ye once again. In her first movie 'Moonlight in Tokyo' she played my wife, after a few years, I am again playing her husband. In the 16 hours of filming yesterday, I witness her going to bed, crying, jumping into the water, and going to bed again, and crying again, she has no complains at all but only a truly passionate heart, I admire you! It seems that this HKFA Best Supporting Actress is not just a label… Way to go for local movies! Way to go Michelle Ye!"


It is revealed that this homosexual movie 'Chu Gui De Nu Ren' (also named 'Liang Xin Hua') is currently filming in Hong Kong and casts Michelle Ye, Chapman To, Patricia Ha as well as Carrie Ng. The movie is about the love relationship of three women where Michelle Ye plays a lonely wife due to complications with husband (by Chapman To), and thus turned to join the Ladies Association and seek fun from male dancers, with music and magnificent banquets every night disguising the real passionate love relationship of hers with Patricia Ha.

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