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Michelle Ye chooses Stephen Chow over Godfather Zheng Yu Tong

Posted by MYR on February 3, 2008 at 10:16 AM

02 Feb 2008 - Michelle Ye chooses Stephen Chow over Godfather Zheng Yu Tong

Michelle Ye chooses Stephen Chow over Godfather Zheng Yu Tong

Source: Ming Pao

2nd Feb 2008

Guk Dak Chiu hosts a brand new food program 'Mei Lik Chiu Yan' for i-cable, and invited Michelle Ye earlier on to taste on ten expensive abalones together. Guk took the opportunity to ask her what her conditions in choosing a partner were; he asked if she liked men with 'coi' (wealth), or 'coi' (talent)? Michelle smiled replied talented men are most appealing, they may not have much wealth but they can be successful if they work hard. Guk slyly asked if she will choose the talented Stephen Chow, or will she choose her wealthy godfather Zheng Yu Tong? She smiled saying, "I will choose Stephen Chow, besides, he has 'coi' (wealth) too."





Michelle Ye chooses talented man for love

Source: Apple Daily

2nd Feb 2008


Guk Dak Chiu hosts entertainment show 'Mei Lik Chiu Yan' for i-cable. The show invited some popular stars to sample taste on some food where they earlier on invited his old buddy Michelle Ye to taste on abalone. Michelle talked about her childhood background in the show. Even with her much fascinating love life, when discussed of her conditions of choosing a partner, she replied that she will choose to give her love to a talented man



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