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'Central Affairs' viewing point rises, image overturn leads to cries of audiences

Posted by MYR on December 28, 2007 at 11:02 AM

28 Dec 2007 - 'Central Affairs' viewing point rises, image overturn leads to cries of audiences

'Central Affairs' viewing point rises, image overturn leads to cries of audiences


28th Dec 2007

Source: Hunan TV


Hunan TV has already been airing 'Central Affairs' for 2 days. At the moment, the viewing points are doing fine, and it seems since the aired four episodes, the viewing points have been rising. The events of the series develop rapidly and appeal the interest of audiences, thus the viewing points have obviously been rapidly mounting. As several casts had some image turnover in the series this causes cries from audiences.


From the aspect of viewing points, 'Central Affairs' ranked third nationwide on the first day of airing, this achievement is exceptional for a newly aired series. What is worth mentioning was that, the viewing point was at 3.09% when the first episode was broadcasted, ranking at the fifth position, but immediately rose up to 5.72% at the second episode, leaping over 2 other series of the same timeslot, proving the series to be attractive enough. Audiences were also very absorbed into the series, proving ATV's production a deserving success. Furthermore, from the viewing points of the first 2 days, most audience labeled the series as feminine taste, but the fascinating scenes between the two gorgeous actresses Pinky Cheung and Michelle Ye appealed to no fewer amount of male audiences to begin watching.


The interesting point is the image turnover 'Central Affairs' gave the casts causes hot debates online. Youthful and adorable Michelle Ye, sexy, gorgeous Pinky Cheung, gentlemanly Raymond Wong all appeared in this series with different specialties. Say, Raymond's Hon Zi Kin, he will undergo major emotional change in the upcoming December 28th, becoming the biggest villain. While Pinky Cheung becomes an insurance agent who has an evil heart, and does thing by hook or by crook. Fans online have quite some response to these, although they are assured of the actors' skills, but they too 'hate them to the core', there was even a post of 'criticizing' Raymond Wong with most agreement from audiences. Thus the excellence of the actors can be confirmed, giving audiences a hard time differentiating the reality from imagination.

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