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Michelle Ye vs. Gabriel Harrison (Hoi Chun Kit) – heating up the entire atmosphere

Posted by MYR on November 5, 2007 at 11:31 AM

05 Nov 2007 - Michelle Ye vs. Gabriel Harrison (Hoi Chun Kit) – heating up the entire atmosphere


Michelle Ye vs. Gabriel Harrison (Hoi Chun Kit) – heating up the entire atmosphere

Hong Kong stars 'Wong Pai Deui Deui Pung' amazed TrumpPlaza

Source: Ming Pao

5th November 2007


Michelle Ye who debut as a Miss Chinese International pageant winner and Gabriel Harrison (Hoi Chun Kit) who debut as a singing talent show winner were both present at Trump Plaza for the two of the 'Wong Pai Deui Deui Pung' show produced by JLG Entertainment Limited Co. During the shows, it revealed the amiable sides of the celebrities; they successfully heated the entire atmosphere with their performance.


During the two shows of 'Wong Pai Deui Deui Pung' at 1am on the day before (3rd), and yesterday at 2pm, two Hong Kong popular celebrities, Michelle Ye and Gabriel Harrison were specially invited to perform. The performances of both stars as well as their interactions with the crowd at the scene were greatly appreciated by audiences.


In the show, Michelle and Gabriel recruited their team respectively, and then began their competitive contests. In the 'Wong Pai Ba Ba Jung' section, both teams competed to see who were swifter to be able to attack their opposition. Later, the host, Lau Mei Yi sang 6 popular songs and gave prizes to audiences who could guess. One of the audience successfully to guess all the songs correctly, winning cash prize of US$100. In 'Wong Pai Show Catwalk' section, Michelle and Gabriel led their respective fans, dressed in bizarre attires, and demonstrated a round of catwalk onstage. Michelle Ye's splendid performance won the applause and cheers of the all the audience at the scene, thus winning the event. In the catwalk show which included some audiences and their additional bizarre attire caused the audiences at the scene erupting with laughter.


In the performance section, Michelle and Gabriel chose their familiar song respectively. Michelle was emotionally absorbed while singing 'Mei Zi', touching the all the audience. The show that day also included segments where audience could go onstage to alter lyrics of a song and sing it to win prizes. With the effort of the host, Lau Mei Yi as well as the two Hong Kong celebrities, Michelle Ye and Gabriel Harrison, the atmosphere was high.


Michelle Ye who debut as a Miss Chinese International pageant expressed that she has gained a lot after entering the industry since her participation in the pageant in Hong Kong. As for the many difficulties and suffering, she feels that they are all worthwhile, because she has benefited a lot as well. The many battles in the past years, from her pageant days to becoming a celebrity, and also from a TV artist to a movie actress, the open Hong Kong has given her a lot of space to progress, and it has helped her mature a lot. Gabriel expressed that he became an actor from a singer and is signed with ATV, and will be involved in series filming.


'Wong Pai Deui Deui Pung' show is organized by JLG Entertainment Limited Co., to date they have organized 11 shows, in every show there are interactions between onstage and downstage audiences, audience at the scene will also have chances to win cash prizes as well as lucrative prizes.



Audience at the scene won cash prize of US$900 after correctly answering 3 questions consecutively.


'Wong Pai Ba Ba Jung' segment, the two teams competed their agility



Hong Kong popular celebrities, Gabriel Harrison and Michelle Ye sang songs at the show

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