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Michelle Ye: I walk my way, Smiles at rumors

Posted by MYR on October 28, 2007 at 11:22 AM

28 Oct 2007 - Michelle Ye: I walk my way, Smiles at rumors

Michelle Ye: I walk my way, Smiles at rumors


Source: East Daily

28th Oct 2007


Roy Cheung and Michelle Ye begin to appreciate one another after filming together, Roy Cheung also admires Michelle very much for her composed manner of handling rumors. On the other hand, Roy Cheung is actually very nervous while filming intimate scenes, causing Michelle to be very surprised!


Roy Cheung = Cheung, Michelle Ye = Ye


Cheung: Although this is the first time I film with you, I've actually met you in disco a few years back, I greeted you back then, the friend beside you was Wong Wu Sau!


Ye: Hahaha! She is not Wong Wu Sau, she is Wu Hang Yee (Myolie Wu)!


Look for merits - Happy


Cheung: I don't really pay attention to entertainment news, said the wrong name! When I saw you that time I already thought you look very good (pretty), but these are the requirements for artists. I have heard of your news in the past as well, but I won't follow the crowd, I will only judge after having personal contact (with you). In my opinion, you are a girl who knows exactly what you're doing, you're well aware of your position. Your intelligence greatly eases the work of the entire team, but because you are too outstanding, it easily misleads people into feeling that you're haughty.


However, I've always only focus on people's merits, because we will be unhappy if we keep harping on someone's weakness, so why should we be so stupid and make ourselves unhappy? Speaking of which, I really admire your attitude towards rumors. You're not affected at all (by rumors). If it was me, it would have really affected me, like how I was suspected (by others) to be gay, I was even afraid of being looked at whenever I go out!


Admires her – Accepts well


Ye: Since judging someone is a difficult matter, why should I bother how others judge me? I might as well not read those negative news about me. Furthermore, as long as you don't overestimate your own influence, your news is but chat topics while after a meal! If others don't mind, why I should I bother so much? So I can always be happy, I can wipe it all out in a few days time, and treat it like nothing has happened!


Cheung: I really admire how you can accept it so well, I really have yet reached that level! Ever since I was rumored to be gay, women will be giggling when they see me, it's obvious their smiles are different! If I am (a gay), what's there to be afraid of? But the worst thing is I'm not (a gay)! That's why I feel very frustrated. My body fitting shirt caused others to think I'm gay, I should just wear loose shirts to avoid misunderstanding! Recently I chose to cycle for exercising, because I'm afraid if I go to gym they will say that I'm gay again!


The rare chance to be romantic – Nervous


Ye: News has really intimidated you! Actually you get nervous easily, never thought that you appear so bold, yet you're so nervous even when filming a kissing scene! I didn't know that you're nervous initially. When I saw you ready to kiss right away after taking positions, I thought that you're taking advantage, but you were actually nervous and wanted to get over it as soon as possible!


Cheung: As you know, I usually play big brother roles in films, my characters are tough. When do I ever have a chance to be romantically intimate with a girl (while filming)? The chance this time may seem like a good task to others, but to me it's really awkward.


Ye: That's why I have it done in one take, even if you wanted to kiss more, I won't let you!


Cheung: Do you feel that my role in 'Tutor Queen' is quite similar to my real self?


Ye: Yes, you're just like in the series, so childish! I'm a strong career woman, but I'm messed up in love life. I still get together with you even though you dumped me twice. Even strong women have their weak points, and love is indeed mine!


Michelle feels that judging another is a hard thing, so she doesn't mind how others judge her!


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