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'Tutor Queen' aired by Zhenzen TV, bringing out the Hong Kong tuition culture and trend

Posted by MYR on October 15, 2007 at 11:16 AM

15 Oct 2007 - 'Tutor Queen' aired by Zhenzen TV, bringing out the Hong Kong tuition culture and trend

'Tutor Queen' aired by Zhenzen TV, bringing out the Hong Kong tuition culture and trend

Source: 猫扑明星频道

15th Oct 2007


Ever since the broadcast of 'Tutor Queen' during the golden hour slot on Shenzen TV channel, the viewing points has been excellent and still rising rapidly due to the series' refreshing theme as well as the background of the casts, instantly becoming the series watched and followed by modern and young people.


The series is about Hong Kong's tuition culture and trend. Nowadays in Hong Kong, the fourth and seventh year students in secondary school need to sit for two important public examinations. In order to achieve excellent result, registering for tuition is a very popular trend, big and small tuition centre competes in this business. Every centre will spend lots of fund into promoting and packaging their teachers into tuition king / queen, using the celebrity effect to attract students' registration. Michelle Ye plays the most adored tutor by Hong Kong students, a beautiful female tutor who is wanted by all tuition centres – the celebrity of tuition industry. Through this series, audience can see that the tuition culture in Hong Kong is actually quite different from Mainland's.


The events are mainly lighthearted and humorous. Eric Kot who is good at being comedic instead plays an earnest boss of a tuition centre, and also becomes a couple with the elegant Candice Yu. The series will progress with complication of Eric's battle with the tuition centre, and becoming more interesting by time…

Pion (by Candice Yu) and Morris (by Eric Kot) finally announced to divorce, they own a tuition centre respectively, and squabbles to no end. Suki (by Michelle Ye) and Water (by Roy Cheung) also have some new progress in their relationship - Water discovered that Suki was actually his first love in Australia whom he deeply loved, and also realized he did not love his current girlfriend Annie as much, thus he sought to reconcile his relationship with Suki. However Suki is doubtful towards Water's sudden abandonment last time, but she was finally touched by Water's sincerity, and rejected the pursue of a wealthy prince to reconcile with water. However they signed a love contract of three months after reconciliation…

Will their love actually have a happy ending after three months, will Pion and Morris' marriage have any changes, how will the battle of tuition centre become? The good scenes are coming up, so let us all anticipate together.


Airing Channel: Shenzen TV channel

Airing Time: September 29th, Monday to Friday 9:50pm




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