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Michelle drinks soup after mocking Ellen Chen

Posted by MYR on October 5, 2007 at 10:25 AM

Michelle drinks soup after mocking Ellen Chen

Source: Sun Paper

5th Oct 2007

Everyone knows Michelle Ye has lots of rumors. Ellen Chen who is collaborating with Michelle for the first time finally has the chance to discover. Ellen Chen who did not know earlier on still defended her, but it was rumored that in one of the promotion activity, Michelle in fact instigated Fei Ma to say reveal that Ellen Chen was the actress always late for filming. Ellen Chen was definitely unsatisfied and inquired Fei Ma about it causing Fei Ma to apologize in public. Actually Michelle has lots of preys, Ellen Chen is most probably one of them, but she does not know it and even shares her soup with Michelle. The crew who sees it feels that it was unworthy for Ellen.



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