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Monie Dong has intentions to becomes 'sisters' with Michelle

Posted by MYR on August 23, 2007 at 9:37 AM

23 Aug 2007 - Monie Dong has intentions to becomes 'sisters' with Michelle

Monie Dong has intentions to becomes 'sisters' with Michelle

Source: Sun Paper

23 August 2007

Monie Dong who has never been nominated for any film awards, this year, she has successfully qualify for the 'Best Supporting Actress' for the Golden Bauhinia Awards. Yesterday when she attended a cosmetic promotion activity with Cathy Leung, she expressed that her competitors were all very strong, and to be nominated is as honorable as winning the award already.

As for her filming with Michelle Ye who always has rumors, Monie was full of praises for her, and even wanted to be 'sisters': "I am very close to Michelle, Michelle will often wait for me to finish work to drive me home, I think we will become 'sisters' after filming this series."


Monie Dong reveals Michelle loves making faces

Sing Tao Daily

23 Aug 2007

Monie Dong and Cathy Leung attended the Sofina cosmetic products conference yesterday with make-up artist Rick Chin giving them a makeover. Monie Dong recently rushes for i-cable's 'Tutor Queen' filming, and films overnight with Spencer Leung almost every night, causing her to have eye bags. When mentioned of Michelle Ye who was also among the cast, and was claimed to be boycotted by other casts, Monie Dong clarified for her, and was full of praises for Michelle Ye. She said Michelle is a very nice person as well as humorous, she loves making Sinchan's facial expression at the filming set, thus she has a nickname called 'Sinchan'. She also mentioned: "Michelle and Spencer will always drive me home whenever they are free, I think we will become 'sisters' by the time we finish filming."


Monie Dong was nominated as the 'Best Supporting Actress' for her film 'My Mother is a Belly Dancer' , she expressed that she needs to thank her boss, Andy Lau, and she takes being nominated as already winning. When she got the good news, she treated the 'Tutor' casts and crews for a meal to celebrate.

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