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Michelle Ye adapting to collaboration while discussing 'Body Offering Hidden Rules' does not aid matters

Posted by Kim on December 16, 2006 at 10:57 AM

16 Dec 2006 - Michelle Ye adapting to collaboration while discussing 'Body Offering Hidden Rules' does not aid matters

Source: Sina Entertainment

16th December 2006, 14:57

Michelle Ye adapting to collaboration while discussing 'Body Offering Hidden Rules' does not aid matters

After three months of intense filming, the sad series 'Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma…' invested by Zhe Jiang Hua Ce TV Limited Co. is currently entering the final phase of filming.  'Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma…' revolves about  the  background of two generations, the relationship develops into a sad series: While Jian Li gives births to her daughter Jian Xiao Dan, her husband unfortunately passed away.  Later, Jian Li adopted an abandoned child, Yuan Yue.  Yuan Yue discovered her background when she was 14,  but Jian Li kept insisted that she was her true born, thus resulting in Yuan Yue to begin developing rebellious attitude, arguing and fighting with Jian Li's true born daughter, Jian Xiao Dan in every possible way…  Thus, an entanglement of love and hate between a good and a bad mother, a good and a bad daughter, a good and a bad woman is instigated…

'Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma…' gathers stars from three lands like Michelle Ye, Zhang Mo, Sun Fei Fei, Zhang Tian Lin, Li Ying and Zhao Yue etc.  In the recent press conference, the reporters still insisted on hearing the director's and actors' respective opinions on the recent issue of 'Entertainment Circle's Hidden Rules'--

Michelle Ye: Leave the bitter love to Jian Xiao Dan

"In the series, I play a very naïve girl, Jian Xiao Dan.  She is an 80s baby, and experiences a lot of obstacles in kinship and love relationship.  She faces her sister's harms and the leaving of her loved ones one after another…  Although she experiences many torments, she remains as strong."  Michelle said, she cries exceptionally a lot in this series, crying up to ten scenes in a day.

Loved watching bitter romance series

"Zhang Mo who acts with me once asked me – why can you cry just like that?  I told him, it may be because I need to drink a lot of water everyday, thus those water easily goes to my tears gland…  Zhang Mo, Zhang Tian Lin all teased me to be water-made woman."  Michelle said that she actually loves watching bitter romance series, "I've watched many Korean series.  I loved watching Qiong Yao's series when young, many times bawling my eyes out…"

Still adapting to the collaboration with Mainland colleagues

Even though Michelle's progress was not bad in Hong Kong, leading in series such as 'Eternal Happiness', 'Lost in the Chamber of Love', 'Gods of Honor', 'Central Affairs 1 & 2' etc. which received satisfactory viewing points, she expressed that she still preferred to have more chance to collaborate with Mainland's actors and directors.  Michelle said: "Actually I'm still in the phase of adapting.  Because the economy, culture and even viewing values are different for both Mainland and Hong Kong, For example, someone who lost a job in Mainland will cry, while in Hong Kong one will just think 'I can always get another job somewhere else, what is there to cry about?!'  It is this difference that lets me feel the novelty. 

'Body Offering Hidden Rules' does not aid in matters

Regarding the sensitive issue of 'Entertainment Circle's Hidden Rules', Michelle appears somewhat discrete: "Hong Kong's TV production companies are more organized, to select an actor or not is not the mere decision of the director, also not the say of the producer – even the boss does not have the final say, because a listed TV organization usually has many bosses – every shareholder is a boss.  Around me…  I don't think I've heard of this matter before."

When mentioned of love life, Michelle said: "Love life is quite stable.  I don't like that kind of

dynamic relationship.  I like those kind of simple and sweet love!  Those with obstacles, with sadness, leave it to Jian Xiao Dan…"

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