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Blindly 'offering body' in entertainment circle does not help

Posted by Kim on December 13, 2006 at 9:58 AM

13 Dec 2006 - Blindly 'offering body' in entertainment circle does not help

Source: Noon News Paper

13th December 2006

Blindly 'offering body' in entertainment circle does not help

Last year's 'Cuo Ai Yi Sheng' series  about two sisters became CTV's main viewing series.   This year, scriptwriter Wang Li Ping takes the opportunity to reproduce another sisterhood production 'Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma…' which is currently being intensely filmed in Hangzhou. 

'Jiao Yi Sheng Ma Ma…' revolves about two generations, background and love life of two sisters and developed into a sad series.  Hong Kong actress Michelle Ye and Mainland's newcomer Sun Fei Fei each acted as a good and a bad sister respectively, and Zhang Mo who first acts in modern time series becomes a 'vexed man'. 

The 'Hidden Rules' topic which was initiated by Zhang Yu has yet elapsed to date.  Zhang Guo Li recently was also framed with 'Hidden Rules' rumors, while similarly concerning the 'Hidden Rules' matter, a beating up case occurred a few years ago between his son Zhang Mo and Tong Yao,.

When the reporter cautiously asked Zhang Mo if her understands the existence of 'Hidden Rules' matter within the entertainment circle, he immediately replied: "You shouldn't ask me this type of matter, you should've go ask Tong Yao!"

From his words, Zhang Mo was as though still doubtful towards his ex-girlfriend, Tong Yao.  "Actually this type of matter happens everywhere, I believe you're even clearer about it than I am.  However, I believe that actor's skills are not natural born, thus even if you get a role with such method, you can't possibly act it well.  Because people who use 'Hidden Rules' method, the director must've felt that it does not matter to use you or not, and thus is useless."

It was not known if it was intentional, but Zhang Mo at last teasingly said: "Luckily I'm just average looking, not as handsome as those gorgeous guys.  But in Mainland's market, it is safer to look a little ugly."

Regarding the sensitive issue of 'Hidden Rules', Michelle appears a little cautious: "Hong Kong's TV production is more organized.  Because a listed TV organization has many bosses, to select an actor or not is not the mere decision of the director, neither does the producer have the say, thus even the boss does not have the final say.  As for if this method helps one to achieve dream, to offer body or not does not help in this matter."  Michelle also expressed that she has not heard of this matter around her.

Discussing Series

Zhang Mo: Man can't be too vexing

Zhang Mo who seldom acts in modern series plays a very vexing good man, Liu Wei Qiang, and extremely loved the female lead but does not dare to confess, only silently supporting her by her side.  This is also his first time acting such a different character role than his real personality.  He frankly admitted: "I really like this role but I don't agree with his attitude.  Maybe because I feel that I'm younger and will still have a lot of chances.  Liu Wei Qiang instead chose to wait.  When his loved one is with another person, Liu Wei Qiang gives them his blessing, and got nothing in the end.  That is too tiring!"  Zhang Mo who seldom watches sad films smilingly said: "Many men said this character is too vexing, but many women wished to have such a guy to treat them so."

In the film, Zhang Mo has the most screen time with Hong Kong actress, Michelle Ye.  He frankly admitted that he really admires Michelle's acting skill and professional spirit: "I don't really support how Hong Kong actors come filming at Mainland and becomes the lead immediately while Mainland actors filming in Hong Kong will become side roles.  However, it is undeniable that they are very serious towards their work!  Like Michelle, before and after every filming, she will make notes on her notebook.  "Once before filming with Michelle, we practiced our dialog, Michelle's tears suddenly streamed down, I even thought who annoyed her…  Actually, for that scene, the director did not require her to cry, but she can cry by just saying her lines, this just goes to show she puts a lot of effort in studying the script."

Michelle Ye: Boyfriend not within entertainment circle

Hong Kong actress Michelle Ye plays a strong girl who faces all kinds of hardships.  While having acted in so many Hong Kong rapid series, this is still her first time having so many crying scenes.  However, Michelle revealed that she loves watching sad series, "I've watched many Korean series.  I love watching Qiong Yao's series when I was young, and bawled my eyes out.  Hong Kong filming is rapid and requires you to cry immediately when the screen starts, there's no time for you to work up your emotions.  So I am still quite good for crying scenes!"  Because her crying skills were so impressive, Zhang Mo and another male lead, Zhang Tian Lin labels Michelle as water-made woman.

Michelle was once a highly promoted actress of TVB, but was in fact TVB's shortest term actress.  Back then, it was rumored that she couldn't stand the internal fights and thus left, but Michelle expressed it is because she wants to act in movies, and was brought to Media Asia by Director Wong Jing.  Now when mentioning TVB, Michelle frankly says: "TVB is the first job of my career, she is like my root school.  Although there is a lot of workload in TVB, I have indeed learnt many things, now I can apply each and every of them."

Michelle has always had many rumors, and has ever been rumored with the diving prince, Tian Liang, Taiwan siu sang, Wallace Huo and several rich businessman.  However when reporters asked about her love life, Michelle's face radiated with happiness and admitted that she currently has a boyfriend out of the entertainment circle and that their relationship is stable.




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