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Michelle Ye: Leaving TVB, does not mean that I'm walking downhill

Posted by Kim on November 10, 2006 at 10:31 AM

10 Nov 2006 - Michelle Ye: Leaving TVB, does not mean that I'm walking downhill

10th November 2006

Michelle Ye: Leaving TVB, does not mean that I'm walking downhill

We didn't notice Michelle Ye at first sight.  She was wearing a baby blue T-shirt, with white tracksuit and white sneakers, her hair tied into a ponytail – she couldn't appear any simpler, thus in the crowd, you won't be able to notice her immediately.

The first moment of noticing her is in fact when she started her cries in her acting.  All the reporters immediately surrounded over, exclaiming excitedly, "Isn't this Michelle Ye?"  Thus, they all seriously paid attention while she shot for that scene.  At the sides, there were low whispers, "Oh my, she can cry immediately, how brilliant."

While waiting for Michelle's break in between.

Li Ya Peng's drawing gift for Michelle Ye

Hangzhou's weather is already entering the winter phase although there were still sunlight in the noon.  Slight breeze will give the cooling feeling.  The cast were shooting a summer scene, thus during their break, the actors will hurriedly put on their coats. 

While Michelle walked over to the rest studio, her assistant passed her a black padded winter coat.  "This weather still does not require to wear padded winter coat right?"  Everyone was curious, "When the southern is slightly colder, it is unbearable.  In the cast you can see every actor prepared with a black padded winter coat, it is also very comfortable."

Michelle Ye sat down at her own chair and said that this foldable, red chair has accompanied her for many years.  There was even a drawing on it – a face of a girl with a ponytail, and by the side, a signature – Li Ya Peng.

"This was drawn by Li Ya Peng while Ya Peng and I were filming for 'World's Finest' in 2004."  Although the drawing quality was not much, Michelle brings this chair to wherever she goes for filming. 

"Won't this lead others to think something else?"

"Then you have too much imagination."

Michelle usually acts as a younger sister, but this time she acts as an elder sister who is passionate at love.  "This elder sister role I act is a total opposite of the younger sister role played by Sun Fei Fei.  The younger sister is bad to the core, she dares to do anything, and even snatches away he elder sister's loved one.  The elder sister meanwhile, weighs love importantly, and loved very deeply.  Although the elder sister role is a little plain, but it is actually hardest to act out a plain role excellently."

"Leaving TVB, it's just to turn to movies from series"

When discussed, Michelle is actually from Hangzhou.

"However, I seldom come back.  My mother has her own home in Hangzhou, and also her own children.  I can come back once a year to visit them."

In actual fact, Michelle has lived in Hangzhou for the years before she was 10, living at the Chao Hui area.  When she was ten, her parents divorced, and her father brings her to New York.  At New York, Michelle studied hard like any other children. When she was 18, she participated in Miss Chinese International beauty pageant organized by Hong Kong Wu Xian company.  Ever since, all began  to happen to Michelle – signing contract with TVB, filming her first series 'God of Honors', and eventually became TVB's successful actress. 

Although Michelle may not have a very happy childhood, Michelle is still very lucky; TVB has brought her to meet with many chances.  Every series she acted in was recognized, and there was even a year when she was selected to be the host for Olympic Games.  This of course has connection with her studies, maybe because she received excellent education in New York, thus enabling her to shine in every aspect of career.

Just when Michelle's career was at the very peak, she suddenly announced about leaving TVB, and signed contract with ATV (I think it should be Rich and Famous).  Thus there were many sayings on the net, "Michelle's career going downhill, signing contract with another company", etc.

 "Is there such saying?"  There are actually many reasons why I changed my company.  First of all, I am very grateful towards TVB, TVB has been a benefactor to me.  I was given the chance to host the Olympics (show).  It allowed many people to recognize my hosting ability, and led to many programs looking me up to be their host.  Thus later I hosted 'Scent of Woman'.  It also gave me the chance to meet face to face with Patrick Tse and Director Wong Jing.

It is Wong Jing who brought me to my current new company, ATV (Again, I think it should mean Rich and Famous), and filmed 3 movies within a year.  One of them was 'Moonlight in Tokyo' and even obtained the best newcomer in Hong Kong Golden Award.  Actually, to shift from the small screen to the big screen has always been my dream.  After filming series for so many years, I have tried many roles, the gentle ones, the tough ones, a pilot, a female cop… the only one I want to act now is a country girl, with two braids and wearing cotton padded jacket. 

'Film for another two years, then will live in a world for two with boyfriend.'

Like what Michelle has said, she has tried everything already.  Now, the life she wants most is: to enjoy the sunshine on the balcony with her loved one, barbequing, and listening to him playing guitar.  "I often told my manager, can I film for 6 months?  The rest of the time I will use for vacation, mountain climbing.  Taking the train with friends and sight seeing."

"Have you found your loved one already?"

"Yes, he is in Beijing, thus I have recently bought a house in Beijing.  Two years later I think I will sell off my house in Hong Kong, and live the life I want, not filming and then no one recognizing me."

"Then what if you've got bored with the world for two, and feel like filming again?"

"Then I will film again, human should live with more courage.  For work, I can work 24 hours without rest.  For my loved one, I can stop filming because of him."

Michelle, when talked about her Beijing boyfriend, she will laugh, "He is very humorous and stable.  The first time when he came to see my mother in Hangzhou, to avoid awkwardness, I even lied to him saying it was my friend's house.  It led him to talk happily with my mother and her better half, and even caused my mother to be drunk."  "He has always brought me many surprises…"

"Human must live with more courage."  When the interview ended and was leaving the cast, this phrase of Michelle kept

The filming cast selected a residence where there was a small yard in the front and at the back, the surrounding is very calm and peaceful.  In the yard there are a few big trees, the actors love to rest under these trees.  Michelle said that such yards lead people to reminisce them. 

There was a small notebook on Michelle's knees.  In the book there are crowded small writings.  This is the 'homework' she has done after reading her script, noting what to take notice of when acting a part, and also completed with the tone of speech.  This is what she has learnt from Benny Chan.

The weather is very dry, Michelle's arms were so try that they were peeling skins, thus she took out skin care product.  Michelle also said her favorite spot for supper in Hangzhou is: Ping Hai Road's Fei Da Shao You Zha shop. 



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