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'Yi Gui Jing Hun' Human scaring one another

Posted by Kim on September 30, 2006 at 10:32 AM

30 Sep 2006 - 'Yi Gui Jing Hun' Human scaring one another

30 September 2006

'Yi Gui Jing Hun' Human scaring one another

'Yi Gui Jing Hun' that stars Hong Kong's renowned actors Francis Yip, Michelle Ye and Eddie Cheung, is currently filming the outdoor scenes.  Accordingly, this film is extremely frightening and full of suspense, Xi Yifeng especially visited the filming set in Shenzen. 

The story narrates the magician played by Francis Yip, and his girlfriend acted by a newcomer, stays at a weird villa, and met up with strange neighbors, the couple of Michelle Ye and Eddie Cheung, which initiated a succession of peculiar incidents.  Newcomer Yang Chihfei who graduated from the stage drama was filming her first movie, while the other three leads are renowned actors, thus this newcomer has gained several tips.  (Interview: Stage drama and movie is different, they have taught me patiently).  Currently, 'Yi Gui Jing Hun' is filming the outdoor scenes in a vacation village, where one of the villa was renovated to become Francis' work studio.  (Scene: Don't think that the surrounding is scary, in fact it is human scaring one another).  Michelle and Eddie acts as a couple that looks normal, but is in fact a couple that are mentally disturbed.  (Michelle's interview:  It's hard to be assured, depends on the director conducting the movie, Francis conducts the movie).  The director reveals, in this horror movie, someone will be killed.  Who will be the unlucky one, who will be the murderer?  Everyone will know the answer when the movie is released early next year. 

Guanzhou movie reporter, Xi Yifeng reports.


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