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Michelle films 'Ma Que Bian Feng Huang' in Hangzhou

Posted by Kim on September 23, 2006 at 11:17 AM

23 Sep 2006 - Michelle films 'Ma Que Bian Feng Huang' in Hangzhou

23 September 2006

Zhang Tianlin fears being betrayed (Michelle mentioned)

Zhang Tianlin (Marcus Cheung) will be going to Mainland, Hangzhou to shoot new film 'Ma Que Yi Feng Huang' (title direct translation: Sparrow and Phoenix), according to Ah Xia, he will be acting as a rich entrepreneur, and even spent over two hundred thousand yuan for attire fitting.  Regarding his cooperation with TVB's famous electrifying actress, Michelle, he has no response whatsoever.  After further inquiring then it was known that his rumored girlfriend, Hong Xiaoling, recently went to Shanghai to shoot a new film with Li Wei.  It's no wonder he is in such a down mood. 


Hangzhou 2 hours from Shanghai

Althought rumored girlfriend is first approached by his senior, Zhang Tianlin also has his own ways.  He clarified that Hangshou is a mere 2 hours away from Shanghai, just like from Taipei to Taizhong, if he wants to meen Hong Xiaoling, he only needs to speed there, and they can meet.  Ah Xia instead suggested to him that the technology is so advanced nowadays, they both only need to get 3G handphones, one call, they can keep in touch for 24 hours.


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