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Going to the meadows in my next life

Posted by Kim on March 21, 2008 at 1:43 PM

21 Mar 2008 - Going to the meadows in my next life

Title: Going to the meadows in my next life

Posted On: 21st Mar 2008, 18:32:44

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Going to the meadows in my next life


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Hectic life can get out of hands at times. You'd want to imagine how wonderful it would be to do nothing but lie down eating and sleeping on the Mongolian meadows. But when you think in depth, it's not too enjoyable too, because when you lie under the sunshine too long, you get sunburned so bad your skin peels off, and we certainly can't feed on grass, even if we did, we won't be able to fall asleep… Really admire those who lived in the meadows their whole lifetime.


In the past, I used to always long to move to a new place whenever I've stayed in one for quite some time, now I just wish to stay put. It's been months since I've being to Beijing. With the Olympics this year, it'd definitely be flooded with people, better to not head towards seas of people. Gradually feeling that Hong Kong is better, living here for so many years, it's time I'm sentimental towards it… Furthermore, Hong Kong is no doubt climate friendly and has convenient lifestyle. Guess I'll only live in the meadows my next life.

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