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Sharing with You

Posted by Kim on February 22, 2008 at 10:41 AM

22 Feb 2008 - Sharing with You

Title: Sharing with You

Posted On: 22nd Feb 2008, 19:26:36

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Sharing with You

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It’s been 8 years since I last went to Kowloon Peak (飞鹅山 / Fei Ngo Saan). The last time was when I filmed for ‘Gods of Honor’, I was crying my heart out before a tomb of some character in the film, I even lost my contact lenses in the cries. While I was blindly looking for my contacts, it was coincidental enough that a super movie king was passing by while hiking the peak, and came over to greet our crew. Then, it was like a colony of ants swarming him to take photos with him. Pity me, I was 600 degrees short sighted and couldn’t even make out the outlines of figures when I was dragged into the photo session with a lopsided smile just before an instant click of snapshot. Later he sent a copy to me after developing the photo, my face was unbelievably even uglier than when I was crying! It was an unforgettable memory.


This time around is yet another unforgettable memory for the lifetime. The morning mist has yet cleared, I am no longer short sighted, looking on, I only see the distant peak through the sea of clouds, seemingly hidden yet visible at times, it was a clear vagueness. The breath of magnificent nature transmits the clear, melodious singing of birds. The moist of dewdrops gently greets my cheeks, cold yet warm, penetrating my heart. A treasure of nature, the second time opening a chapter, definitely sharing with you the highlights of times.


I couldn’t help but miss my fellow teacher. Rushed to select two pots of bonsai as gift. It can no longer be like my junior school teacher, Chen Hui Jun, where my gratitude came too late, even if my purse holds a piece of leaf from her tomb, it can merely nurse my personal sentiment, she can no longer realize it. Thus, now, be it busy or not, festive or not, I will find a chance to make the call, arrange a meal together, bring along a souvenir, contented enough to just to learn of my teacher’s recent conditions or further plans. Its just that he (teacher) is lack of nothing, and doesn’t demand you to repay anything. Even so, I still appear to repay, the compassion of a teacher should be honored for the lifetime.

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