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Tacit Appreciation

Posted by Kim on February 16, 2008 at 10:37 AM

16 Feb 2008 - Tacit Appreciation

Title: Tacit Appreciation

Posted On: 16th Feb 2008, 18:26241

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Tacit Appreciation

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There’s a friend who has been searching for a good book, so I found him (or her) one.However, it was coincidentally the period of Chinese New Year, where we (Chinese belief) can’t accept ‘defeat’ (输shū (defeat) has the same pronunciation as 书shū (book)).I, on the other hand, am immune to all these customs, and recently, I have received quite a variety of presents, some of which are books-related.There is a piece of calligraphy that I loved most (among the presents).Not only are the strokes of the characters proficiently brushed, every phrase was eloquently poetic, perfectly strung, it is an exquisite work like none other.I immediately hung it up the very next day, and couldn’t help admiring it from then on.This is one friend who knows me well to give me my favorite item.I’m not saying I don’t love other presents such as perfume, dresses, accessories, toys etc, they are all very nice gifts, and I can’t be more thankful for the adorable Sinchan alarm clock!My heart is more grateful than I can ever express, (our) mutual appreciation is tacit.I am someone who never had birthday celebration since years ago, this year is no exception.Initially, I was looking for an excuse to treat a friend a meal to discuss on literature.It however turned out to be merrier than the 15th (last day of Chinese New Year celebration), which then interestingly diverted away from the initial intention and topic entirely.


Speaking of tacit appreciation, this is an interesting concept.I was having a makeover the day before last when the director mentioned that this role is passionate yet timid.I thought it over these two days; I guess it’s about acting it with tacit appreciation.In most films in the past, characters are seen to verbally portray their love and hate, it is usually not a choice we make.I actually love to watch silent emotions acting more, where you may have a vicious storm in your mind, yet appear like a calm lake.That is mutual appreciation.Mutual appreciation among people in the film, and even more mutual appreciation is needed from the audience, with such compatibility, even when the film ends, it is engraved deeply in minds.The best birthday present this year I’m afraid, is none other than learning the true genuineness of tacit appreciation.

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