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Posted by Kim on February 1, 2008 at 9:35 AM

05 Feb 2008 - Ink-stone

Title: Ink-stone

Posted On: 05th Feb 2008, 10:00:42

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A few days before, my new secretary wanted to send me an MMS, but she was in vain after N tries. That was because she did not know that my handphone is not feasible to receive any MMS, because – it is an outdated model – Nokia, blue screen. A handphone to me is just a tool to make calls or sending SMS, and for these functions, it feels convenient enough, thus I have never thought of a reason to change (handphone). A person like me is 'wan' enough, my handphone preferences have never been influenced by people around me, I don't even mind the startled expression of 'ancient wan person' others have for me. I really love this handphone too much, it has been performing its duty to call and send SMS incisively, I believe its user-friendliness convenience should be the role model for popular and new handphone models. Employing someone, as well as when getting to know someone, I hold on to a belief that time will tell everything, although this method may be very disadvantageous when you meet with some negative individuals. Luckily, my beloved handphone has never failed me, but the keypad has lost most of its labels due to excessive use, so I've decided to change the keypad and continue using it.


In the recent days, someone keeps telling me about fate, I don't really believe in that, only mentioning it randomly at times. Be more open minded, nothing is really fated or not. Or maybe you can put it this way, positive matters can said to be fated, but negative matters may not necessarily be. See, it is fate for even when using a handphone that I coincidentally bought it years ago, and discovered we were really compatible and thus worked together till now. May it have a longer life, and accompany me till my aged days. You can never be sure if it is fate or destiny that you meet with some matters and some people, is it fated or is it coincidental? In the crowd of population, why meet this certain person? Even with just a few gaze, a brief evaluation gives you the feeling that the person you've been expecting for more than ten years finally proves you his existence. If this is neither destiny nor fate, then it must be crazy.


A few days before I saw an ink-stone, it seemed that the person who sent it knows that I like calligraphy but has no idea that I am no longer good at it, picking up that brush so abruptly gives me a mistaken feeling that it was a toothbrush. But it was really coincidental that I found this huge rock another better owner. I was thinking, this ink-stone coincidentally has a phoenix carving on top, it should look quite pretty if it really turns "身无彩凤". So it never occurred to me that when I was just presenting it to the other person and took a closer look at the carving, it was in fact a chicken! 南端北易,a Southerner like me have always have a liking for smooth rounded ink-stones. But as I've embarrassed myself quite enough this time, I daren't talk about ink-stone anymore in future.

Oh yea, I wonder if the person with the ink-stone now would be nice enough to grant me a piece of calligraphy for the sake that I actually carried this large rock from the sixth floor to the ground floor?

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