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Wan Wan

Posted by Kim on January 18, 2008 at 10:17 AM

18 Jan 2008 - Wan Wan

Title: Wan Wan*

Posted On: 18th Jan 2008, 07:36:56

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'Wan Wan'

Tag: Random Chat

Only realized it started snowing when I stepped onto the streets this morning. Pity my just shampooed hair which has yet dry, when I reached office, my head of hair has basically turned into ice sticks, it extended from the mid parting of my hair, making me look like a 'wan wan' from far, and still look like a 'wan wan' from near. Why do others get to see plum blossom when it snows, while I only find ice sticks...


Of the two who came for meeting, one was from Henan, the other was from Shanxi. Who was it who told me that the train from Henan makes sounds like 'jian shei, keng shei, jian shei, keng shei, jian shei, keng shei,…' (jian shei = whoever seen, keng shei = whoever defrauded, basically meaning anyone seen will be swindled (by Henan people)), I think it was someone from Shanxi. But why do I just favor this person from Henan, otherwise I wouldn't have signed the contract on the spot. My impression was that there were several major projects that people from Henan have settled for me, thus they seem reliable enough. It is also my impression that they are not as persuasive as Shanxi people, but perhaps I've met an exception this time around. Most people will tend to ask where you're from when you first meet, maybe it's just like when you buy fruits, you'll ask where they are produced, it seems like human is similar to fruits, the location of production guarantees the taste. 不靠谱。


My evaluation of people has never depended on 'heard from so and so', or 'rumored from so and so', my principle is we'll know a person only after we get along for some time. Although this may be more harmful than if one bangs onto the wall, but majority of the cases won me good buddies in exchange. Yesterday, a recently made friend asked me why when most people perceive him as someone handle, but I instead never felt so, I said, because most supposedly easy to handle people are usually not artistic talents. Most good productions come from demanding the best of the best, and it has never been easy to handle something when demanding the best.


Debarking from the plane, the route home was so hot my head was puffing smoke. The four-layers warming undergarments I wore this morning nearly cooked me into meat buns. Darn it, I still became a 'wan wan' when reaching home. See, even picking attire and taking a plane is not some easy to handle matters.



*Clarification of 'Wan wan'

'Wan wan' is Michelle's newly invented Mainland slang. She has used it while chatting with fans recently, causing fans to be quite confused because her 'wan wan' slang does not have a definite meaning. It may be a noun, an adjective, a verb - it solely depends on what she is trying to express in that sentence that the meaning of 'wan wan' is defined.


The basic scope of meaning that 'wan wan' carries covers foolish, stupid, etc. A single 'wan' may mean mad, crazy, etc. For example, 'wan' girl means, nutcase girl… However, in some cases it may mean super, better, superior, beat (win against) but for a notorious factor. For example, You must be more 'wan' than him, meaning you must be better than him (naughtier), you must beat him (more sly)…

It is believed Michelle used 'wan wan' / 'wan' to replace all the not-so-nice-sounding adjectives, her unique kind of censorship.


Disclaimer: The above definition of 'wan wan' is the result of discussion of a few long-time fans who've experienced Michelle's 'wan wan' application, but may not be accurate to Michelle's definition.

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