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10 Jan 2008 - The 9th New Year – Diary [January 10th, 2008]

Posted by Kim on January 10, 2008 at 10:07 AM

10 Jan 2008 - The 9th New Year – Diary [January 10th, 2008]

Title: The 9th New Year – Diary [January 10th, 2008]

Posted on: 10th Jan 2008, 11:51:31

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The 9th New Year

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It does seem that this year's New Year somewhat differs from the past New Years. The 9th New Year, I returned home, Hangzhou. The neighbor's kids must have watched too much Hong Kong dramas, because he assumed I'm from Hong Kong, the reporter who interviewed me too was so surprised I speak fluent Pu Tong Hua (mandarin), it seems that I have stayed in Hong Kong for too long, and return home too scarcely. A Chinese friend who lives in the States complains to me that people in the states treats him as China citizen, while in China, people threat him as State's citizen, making himself confused of his true identity, and came whining, asking me where he really belongs to. I comforted him, asking why should he insist on the half-filled glass of water to be half-empty glass of water? It doesn't matter where you are, the environment cultivation and humankind cherishment will naturally seal your spirit with a mark, and perceive to the world through both your eyes, why be stubborn about how the world perceive you? Furthermore, the world basically will not perceive you. For example, the colleague who is currently filming with me is originally a singer, but when he meets some outdated fool who does not recognize big music stars like myself, having never heard of his song even once in the past, if he was such a calculative person, he would have beaten me savagely. So, how do you let others experience as you do?


In normal days, I'm someone who definitely, absolutely doesn't go to karaoke, to relief my friends from my tormenting screeches. If it wasn't for the old friends I bumped into this New Year and we needed a gathering, I'm afraid I might have even forgotten how to use the song selection machine. Anyway, I still became an audience who doesn't sing, became the audience for the concert of the king of singing. The most interesting part was our discussion of how we ate little dragon prawns till we puked during our filming in the past, how we transformed a person on the crutches into a hero before the camera, how we jumped into the water to swim at zero degree Celsius… The many bitter sweet in the past becomes beautiful now, see, there are no good or bad experiences, only cherished ones.

In the midst of our singing and chats, the 9th New Year arrived, looking back, the radiance are still as mesmerizing.


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