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Who directed the paparazzi chaos at (filming) set

Posted by Kim on August 1, 2008 at 10:29 AM

01 Aug 2008 - Who directed the paparazzi chaos at (filming) set

Who directed the paparazzi chaos at (filming) set

1st Aug 08

Source: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_48fadad90100aiq1.html




After the lengthy 12 hours, Jinolai's shooting finally ended.


Didn't even bath when I was back home, I fell asleep for 10 hours straight.


In the evening I was awakened by a friends call, telling me Michelle's rumor was all over.


Right, Michelle was my lead in the shooting yesterday.


After my sleepy eyes skimmed through the gossip news, I couldn't help feeling that it was really amusing

I can absolutely guarantee you with my faith that during our filming yesterday, there wasn't even half the shadow of Zhang Guo Li's son, Zhang Mo


The ability of the Eastern Morning Paper reporter in making up stories blindly is quite admirable to me

But I seriously request you guys to not to barge in and create a chaos at the shooting set next time

You delayed a whole 2 hours of my shooting time


The mood for shooting was totally lost in the 2 hours time


Its up to you what you love to write, to remind you of career professionalism and ethics would just be a waste of time


If it wasn't because my mood was quite okay yesterday, I might have whipped my slipper at your rotten mouth


Actually I am well aware of who is behind all these


I hereby sincerely advise that using other's popularity to destroy other's success by making up stories blindly is not beneficial at all


Someone's name was missing from the east channel entertainment news last night


I wonder what that someone is thinking about now haha…


The entire shooting process was in fact very smooth and fast


Michelle's acting and cooperation was not a problem at all


Hong Kong celebrities' attitude towards work and their ability to communicate is something some supposedly big shots of Mainlander should learn


Also appreciating all customers of Jinolai


The director of Jinolai actually accompanied us throughout the shooting of every scene


Both of you are easiest to coordinate with among all the customers I've met


Also that adorable Xiao Yu


I wonder if you camped at Mc Donald's?!


Or did you go sauna?


If you read this post, don't forget to send me those few photos that you snapped


Those are also photos that can easily become 'evidence' for rumors haha

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