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Myolie Wu: The Best Friend at Work

Posted by Kim on November 1, 2007 at 11:09 AM

01 Nov 2007 - (Old) Myolie Wu: The Best Friend at Work

The Best Friend at Work by Myolie Wu

People in the same work field often go against one another, so it’s hard to find a true friend. Because of that I don’t have many close friends in the acting industry. The only one where I am most close to is Michelle Yip Suen. Maybe because we both have grown up from overseas that’s why she has similar views like me. Having known each other for a long time but we only became truly close while over in Australia filming for "Triumph in the Skies". We shared the same room so we tell each other every little thing. Even though being three months younger she’s more matured and earnest than me. Right now, if I encounter any sadness, bothering problems, I would find her and confide in her. She would listen and give me ideas, it's very hard to find a friend like that. Besides Michelle, I have another best friend in the industry: he is Paul Chun. In both series "Family Man" and "Golden Faith" he played my father so I respect and see him like my real father. Our relationship is very close, maybe because I have left home when I was young, and my dad has his own family so the relationship between us is not very deep like others.

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