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Posted by Kim on October 12, 2007 at 10:07 AM

12 Oct 2007 - Zhang Mo's opinion

Source: Zhang Mo Baidu Bar

Seeing everyone's message, I too feel like having a chat with all of you. Firstly, my role in JYSMM is actually a small supporting role, but for the promotion of the series, they said I am the main role, so hopefully you guys are not misled by it. Also, I see that some of you have bias opinions towards the real female lead of my series, Michelle Ye. I'd like to tell you, through the two months of filming, I can feel that Michelle is a very diligent person, and is also an exceptionally virtuous and straightforward girl. I'd like to advice some friends to not speak according to photos, don't mix up the truth and scold without thinking… Because I too have often been scolded by others with no apparent reason, I understand the feeling so I hope that at least you guys (his fans) don't judge a person without even knowing the person, and don't trust news, gossips, or paparazzi, trust your own eyes!

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