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A girl such as Michelle Ye

Posted by Kim on July 5, 2007 at 10:55 AM

05 Jul 2007 -A girl such as Michelle Ye

Credits: Huan Yue (Beijing)

Original Link: http://www.douban.com/review/1114375/

A girl such as Michelle Ye

22 January 200712:57:54


Initially I don't like Michelle.


When I watched 'Street Fighters', I thought she looked very ordinary. In 'Triumph in the Skies' she has much charisma, but lack the tenderness. In 'Network Love Story' she was not even as good as the female newcomer from Mainland. I am much more appealed towards male celebrities, after watching 'Twin of Brothers' I easily took a liking for Raymond Lam and recalled 'Eternal Happiness' which I watched long time ago. That dark and dumb Wong Po Siu Wah was his character. Thus I searched and re-watched the series, and here, all I could see was Michelle's elegance.


Most of her fans compliment her Mang Lai Kuan to be an outstanding and talented character, those who have not personally watched it will not truly understand. TVB's script has always been best in the industry, historical and solemn scripts may have lack the appeal, Michelle's vivacious personality instead made up for this weak point. I am comfortable with her outlook, thus I am naturally appealed towards her. Later, I got to know that she was actually from Hangzhou, her Mandarin is very Mainland-like. I pay delicate concentration to her rumors and gossips, it is a struggle of a girl who has put in her best efforts in her wish to success. I myself who is half involved in this entertainment industry, having seen much of what others (not in the industry) have not, I have decided to like her.


I have always known that she has wrote a book, I have also watched programs she hosted, thus I know of her eloquence, but I never expected that her writing was as excellent, she is really a person who reads a lot (humorous yet knowledgeable).


When filming my last series, I got to know an assistant who once worked for Myolie Wu before, thus we started discussing on the gossips of artists. Some private discussion of ours has allowed me to believe Michelle Ye even more, that the bitterness behind scenes is not worth crying for.


Michelle Ye has said that Jessica Hsuan has taught her that she must not leave TVB no matter what, because it is much 'cooler' (safer) under this big tree. However, Michelle Ye has bigger dreams, she wants to establish her career beyond TVB. In my opinion, I do feel that is a pity for her. Most importantly, it is still TVB's productions that we watch most, not forgetting her excellent chemistry with Raymond Lam.

I'm quite surprised that she admitted Benny Chan as one of her ex-boyfriends. Gossips also have it that Charmaine too loves this man a lot, I however can't see the attraction in that doll face.


Personally, I hope to have the chance to collaborate with this girl. Such a determined soul which works diligently towards her dream, she wishes to become her own big tree. She is really admirable.

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