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What Michelle's school mate (in US) thinks of her

Posted by Kim on July 5, 2007 at 10:51 AM

05 Jul 2007 - What Michelle's school mate (in US) thinks of her


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When Michelle was young, she was outspoken and straightforward, just like a guy (less shy). I remember she has exceptionally long hair when she was young, it reached her waist. She was only ten when she first came to US. Among our gang of playmates, she's the one with the best relationship with everyone (good public relation). If I'm not mistaken, she has a dimple when she smiles. In US, there were only the 3 of us who are Chinese, she is the only daughter of her family. Her father is a lawyer, her mother is very beautiful. In my memory, her mother is apparently much younger than many other classmates' mothers. (assuming her friend refers to her stepmother, this is logical as her stepmother has ever won a pageant as well and is young enough to be Michelle's sister)


I understand the most about the real personality of Michelle, she is a little obstinate, or perhaps we should say she is more of persistent. She was actually having quite a row with her father when she entered the MCI. Her father has always hoped that she becomes a lawyer, but she insisted to try. And that one try became the turning point of her life. I often joked with her that if I had participated with her, I might have become popular too. Honestly, people don't usually expect their best friend suddenly becoming a celebrity. After her father heard of the news, he presented her with the Volkswagen Beetle she currently owns. I know that cost more than a hundred thousand, her father actually loves her a lot in his heart.


Honestly, she has exceptionally good relationships with the opposite genders, she has a very special tenderness, becomes very adorable when she is playful, maybe she is naturally bound to have more opposite gender friends than friends of the same gender.


Actually, her inner heart has experienced much unhappiness; she can only resort that little pride of hers to hide it.


But she is doing well now, I remember her telling me:


I accidentally saw the many fans I have in Baidu and Xici (internet fan sites for celebrities), I feel that what I have given in the past years are not wasted, I am very touched!

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