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Chinese New Year 07, Let us bring happiness back home

Posted by Kim on February 16, 2007 at 10:30 AM

16 Feb 2007 - Chinese New Year 07, Let us bring happiness back home

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Chinese New Year 07, Let us bring happiness back home

2007-02-16 00:29:21

Today, the continuous shooting of eight episodes of 'Kuai Le Hui Jia' finally came to an end, I wonder what kind of memory will it give everyone? The effort that was put in those few days will soon draw to an end! Hunan TV and everyone else who has helped me, allowing 'Kuai Le Hui Jia' to remain a beautiful memory for me! This is a happy ending, and is also a happy beginning! Also, I want to congratulate Michelle for emerging champion of our 'Kuai Le Da Zhu Chu'! Haha!


If I recall, the interaction with Michelle in the show, the adorable and charismatic her never fail to liven up the entire shooting set, so that everyone does not feel the tension and hurry. This allows me to realize that besides her great acting, she is also really good at humoring others! The initial show that I acted with Michelle which was supposed to be aired yesterday, did not air, may be due to some technical reasons, thus friends who've waited for so long before their television set did not get to see! I would like to apologize of my behalf!


In that musical drama, Michelle and I acted as a fake couple who eventually really fell in love! Because it was near New Year, my elderly parents requested their son to bring back my girlfriend. However the son (played by me) was too busy working and did not have time to have a relationship thus asked a friend (played by Michelle) to act as my girlfriend and follow me back home. However when we were back at home, there were several obstacles and our 'play' was revealed, but due to Michelle's effort to make things up, I was really touched and thus we acted as a fake couple who then really fell in love, a family reunion's musical drama!


Although not having the chance to let everyone see it this time, I still feel happy because I have learnt a lot while shooting in Hunan station for these few days, be it a person's principle or the way to deal with a matter, I have learnt Hunan Station's fashion, happiness, hardworking and improving spirit! I really want to thank Hunan TV to give me such a good chance for practice, allowing me to mature in happiness! Although I do have a little regret, I will still put in effort in future, hoping in future to participate in Hunan shows again. Who knows, there may be day where everyone will have the chance to watch the musical drama, hopefully everyone will support me then.


The 2007 year will be a special year for me, after the new Year celebration I will need to concentrate in my work again! In fact before New Year, my schedule has already been packed! I will participate in some other shows of other TV station, will prepare for a series and of course record my new songs! I believe in the few hundred days and nights to come, I will put in my best effort to achieve the best results! Continue to support me yeah! I will use my best result to return all friends who like me!


It is near New Year, I think everyone should have started to buy their New Year stocks, let us all bring happiness back home!











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