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Photos from visit to Liao Zhai II filming site

Posted by Kim on January 1, 2007 at 10:26 AM

01 Jan 2007 - Photos from visit to Liao Zhai II filming site

Credits: 思璇的梦 @ michelleye.cn

Translation: Rain @ michelle-ye.com

Original Link: http://www.michelleye.cn/bbs/topic_view.asp?pid=120156&bid=1

Photos from visit to Liao Zhai II filming site

Forwarded to Xuan's Bar (Michelle's)

Wei's Bar (Eric's) presents some of Michelle's photos from visit to the 'Liao Zhai 2' filming site as New Year gifts!


On 30 December, a few of us from Eric's Bar visited the 'Liao Zhai 2' filming site, and saw the real person of your Michelle. Her true self is much thinner and much more beautiful than on TV!!! Actually, we wanted to help you guys to take a few of Michelle's photos, but when her assistant saw us, she immediately said: "Reject taking photos, thank you!" Thus, we could only stand at a far away corner and took a few snaps without their knowledge. However, those photos aren't very clear, hopefully friends at Xuan's Bar can excuse us. If there's chance, we'll help you take a few more clearer pictures!!!


It looks like the make-up artist trying to redo Michelle's make up! (It seems that the person at the side of Michelle is her substitute)



Eric and Michelle look like they're eating bread.





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