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Storyline of Liao Zhai II

Posted by Kim on December 29, 2006 at 10:15 AM

29 Dec 2006 - Storyline of Liao Zhai II

Liao Zhai II – Luo Sha Hai Shi episode summary


Ma Ji – Eric Suen Yiu Fai

Xiao Qiao (Long Nu) – Michelle Ye Xuan

Dong Qing He – Zhang Qian

*Warning: spoilers, Spoilers, SPOILERS ahead!


Episode 1:

Ma Ji had always anticipated to excel in examination, and be honored into the officer career. However, he noticed that all are bribing the examination officer, and was not exempted from being so, thus bowed to the majority and bribed his share as well. Ma Ji secretly admires the Officer's daughter who is beautiful yet intelligent, and hopes to excel as a scholar to gain the same status matching hers and marry her. At the same time, the Long Nu (dragon girl) who transforms into human form, Xiao Qiao, stealthily comes to the humanly world for fun. When she wanted to return to the Dagon Palace, her command pass accidentally fell into the hands of Ma Ji and thus instigated disputes between them.


While searching for her command pass, Xiao Qiao was threatened by the chase of Dragon Hunter but was fortunately rescued by Ma Ji. Xiao Qiao hid in Ma Ji's house to avoid the disaster, and was determined not to leave, and began developing squabbling-love relationship with Ma Ji. Xiao Qiao began to realize that although Ma Ji seems to be cold on the surface, isolating himself and even causing others to be disgusted of him, he was actually different on the inner, and is a kind person. While refuting with Xiao Qiao, Ma Ji was extremely annoyed by Xiao Qiao's weird behavior. Ma Ji thought that Xiao Qiao was an orphan and promised that when he was awarded the scholar he would accept her as his maid. While Ma Ji was full of confidence, the examination results was not as he expected as he did not give enough bribe. With Ma Ji's dream shattering apart, Xiao Qiao comforted him, but unexpectedly resumed her usual form after being drunk, scaring Ma Ji out of his wits, falling unconscious on the spot…


Episode 2:

Ma Ji immediately escaped from his house when he realized Xiao Qiao is the transformation from a dragon and reported Xiao Qiao's location to the Dragon Hunter. He led the old man to search the dragon. In actual fact, after Ma Ji realized Xiao Qiao's identity, he made a story, lying to the Dragon Hunter, leading him to believe that Long Nu has returned to the Dragon Palace and gave up his hunt. Xiao Qiao was grateful towards Ma Ji and became true friends with him. Xiao Qiao began learning the routine life of normal being, causing a lot of comedy scenes. Ma Ji began accepting Xiao Qiao, and was influenced by her to become more cheerful. Ma Ji and Xiao Qiao began developing love relationship. As Ma Ji failed terribly in the examination, he could only watch in envy when Qing He got together with the newly appointed scholar. Ma Ji recollected his feelings, but he was asked by the elderly of the village to open a school to educate the younger generation. Feeling disappointed with the current examination situation, Ma Ji felt that it was a dark prospect and avoided all by going into the mountains for a living with Xiao Qiao.


Ma Ji was injured while he helped Xiao Qiao searching for her command pass. In return, Xiao Qiao was very grateful for him and fed him her Dragon Scale. Since then, Ma Ji was transformed into a new person, becoming an exceptionally intelligent and agile person. In an unexpected opportunity, the Officer took over the Lung Men Zhan to allow the new Scholar to show off his talents, but was unexpectedly beaten by the exceptionally talented Ma Ji. Qing He was attracted by Ma Ji's talents. While Ma Ji and Xiao Qiao were living a happy life and have had feelings moved for one another, Qing He appeared and confessed to Maji, hoping to have a relationship with Ma Ji and indicating her admiration for him…


Episode 3:

Qing He came to their doorsteps, and wished to get together with Ma Ji while Ma Ji had his dream come true, as well as maintaining his good relationship with Xiao Qiao. Xiao Qiao, Ma Ji and Qing He began developing a three-persons relationship. Xiao Qiao gave her blessings to the two persons, and hid her own feelings. She not only became Ma Ji's best listener but also often gave him tips to develop a perfect relationship with Qing He. Ma Ji got his wish and was supposedly to be satisfied. However, he seemed to be missing Xiao Qiao, and was also concern of Xiao Qioa's feelings, thus resulting Qing He to become aware of Xiao Qiao.


One particular day, it was heard that the Dragon Hunter came to the mountains. Ma Ji was worried for Xiao Qiao and anxiously wanted to protect her, thus they went deeper into the mountains. They both shared hardships and Ma Ji began realizing that he actually likes Xiao Qiao but he had already have Qing He. Moreover, there are difference between human and dragon and thus would be impossible to be with one another for long, causing Xiao Qiao to force herself to hold back her emotions. Qing He did not see both of them for many days and became disturbed and began to be sharp towards Xiao Qiao. At the same time, the Officer suggested marriage and promised to help Ma Ji in excelling in examination. He believed that with Ma Ji's talents plus his power, Ma Ji's future will be bright and it is just a matter of time before he will be honored. However, he wanted Ma Ji to abandon Xiao Qiao immediately to avoid gossips of others. Ma Ji was hesitant towards the Officer's conditions, but Qing He continued to give him pressure causing him to be in dilemma. Qing He became angry and blamed Ma Ji to be unfaithful towards their love, and in the end fainted of anxious madness. Ma Ji anxiously hugged her…


Episode 4:

Qing He suddenly fainted causing Ma Ji to be guilty. Ma Ji accompanied Qing He who was ill, and to avoid Qing He having further misunderstanding, he accepted all the Officer's demands, and leave Xiao Qiao. Ma Ji requested to break up with Xiao Qiao causing her to leave with a deep heartbreak. Ma Ji discovered that Qing He to suffer from a weird illness that needed to be cured with dragon's flesh, but never disclosed Xiao Qiao's identity. The Officer loved his daughter extremely and looked for the Dragon Hunter, and the Dragon Hunter realized that Ma Ji's body had the Dargon's scent. Ma Ji thus admitted that he had eaten dragon's scale before causing him to be interrogated, but Ma Ji only said that he found it in the woods.


Ma Ji returned home and was disappointed to find it empty. Actually, Xiao Qiao was reluctant to leave thus became invisible and hid within Ma Ji's house without his knowledge. Ma Ji visited Qing He whose sickness got worse by the day, causing everyone to worry. Ma Ji realized that the old hag (Dragon Hunter) stealthily followed him, while the old hag demanded that since Ma Ji had the dragon's scent, there must be a dragon by him. Ma Ji went home and indeed found Xiao Qiao still hiding herself in his house. He was sympathetic towards her and did not have the heart to ask her to leave.


On the other hand, Qing He has not much time left, and since the old hag was sure that Ma Ji had a dragon at home, everyone pressured and persuaded him, and finally he was moved. Although Ma Ji needn't kill Long Nu himself, he was to help the old hag to catch Long Nu. Ma Ji gave Xiao Qiao her wish and spent a happy night with her, hoping Xiao Qiao to have no regrets in future. Ma Ji promised the old hag to catch Long Nu, and led Long Nu to the woods where a trap was already set. When the old hag caught the dragon, Ma Ji felt struggles in his heart. Ma Ji got to know from Xu Biao that the dragon must die. Ma Ji could not bear it and at the very last moment saved Xiao Qiao.


Episode 5:

As the old man surrounded captured Long Nu, at the very last moment, Ma Ji realized the one he loved most was still Xiao Qiao, and rescued her disregarding everything else. Xiao Qiao saw Ma Ji coming to her rescue, and risked everything to free herself from the old man's capture to the side of Ma Ji. Ma Ji confessed his true feelings and together they escaped the old man's chase. Ma Ji and Xiao Qiao confessed their feelings and Ma Ji felt Xiao Qiao was too foolish to sacrifice herself. Xiao Qiao at the same time sympathized Qing He's illness, and decided to save her. She cut her flesh to save Qing He, and Qing He who was one foot into death finally recovered.


Qing He got to know that the old man had the Dragon's Palace command pass and wanted to return it to Xiao Qiao. Xiao Qiao got to know Qing He wanted to return the command pass and was very grateful, preparing to return to the Dragon's Palace with Ma Ji. However, when Qing He heard of Xiao Qiao and Ma Ji getting together, and was determined not to forgive them. Qing He captured Xiao Qiao and wanted to use her as her medicine for future needs, revenging her despite Xiao Qiao's good deeds. Qing He thought she managed to trick Ma Ji, saying that Ma Ji returned to Dragon's Palace once she got her command pass, but the truth was disclosed by Xu Biao.


Xu Biao and Ma Ji worked together to save Xiao Qiao. Just as Xiao Qiao and Ma Ji wanted to open the heaven's entrance to return to Dragon's Palace, Qing He brought the Dragon Hunter to obstruct them. In the battle, Qing He was accidentally injured by the hunter's attack, and her beauty was destroyed. Xiao Qiao and Ma Ji returned to the Dragon's Palace, and Ma Ji just realized that the Dragon Palace world is in fact the true happy garden, and stayed in Tian Guo Hai Shi with Xiao Qiao, living the life of fairies. Ma Ji and Xiao Qiao looked upon the humanly earth, and saw the ugly side of politics, that the beauty appearance of human was not as beautiful as Long Nu's inner kindness. They also saw Xu Biao taking the official examination and became a good officer. In order to resume her beauty appearance, Qing He used all methods, experiencing all types of suffering and causing the old man to unceasingly hunt for dragon till deathbed, gaining nothing at all.

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