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Michelle Ye Becomes Eastern Goddess

Posted by Kim on September 16, 2009 at 9:29 PM

16 Sep 2009 - Michelle Ye Becomes Eastern Goddess


Michelle Ye Becomes Eastern Goddess

There was a point of time when Michelle Ye was successful in her films, in her sexiness, as well as in her book, unfortunately, her overwhelming rumors deteriorated her popularity, she could only return to her motherland (mainland) to clear her records, nevertheless, she has built her base in Media Asia, there are times when she had chances to film production of her company: her new movie 'Accident' was in fact nominated in Venice Film Festival, allowing her to compete in Best Actress award.  Taking the opportunity, she changed her appearance and had a hair cut for a new look, however, Hong Kong media still focused more her unfavorable terms with another female lead Han Yu Xin, as for those Chinese illiterate international media, they had in fact taken Michelle Ye as their Eastern Goddess.

Her rising was not due to her beauty, but because of her fluent English and Pu Tong Hua (Mandarin), she has no boundaries of communication with any of the international reporters. 

Caption of Han & Director To:

Han Yu Xin's lingual ability is unknown, it is only known that upon seeing Johnny To who was producer of 'Accidents', she immediate dashed to his side for a photo, she seems even more tactical than Michelle Ye.

Caption of Michelle Ye's dress:

Michelle Ye appeared in Christian Dior evening gown during 'Accidents' permier in Hong Kong, media's focus was on her unfavorable terms with Han, hwoever Mainland reporters were on very friendly terms with Michelle Ye, praising her lingual ability, and that she was recognized by foreign media to be eastern goddess.


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