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Louis Koo verbally hurts Michelle Ye

Posted by Kim on September 11, 2009 at 9:23 AM

11 Sep 2009 - Louis Koo verbally hurts Michelle Ye

Louis Koo verbally hurts Michelle Ye

Caption beside photo Louis, Han & Michelle:


Louis Koo, upon arriving in Venice, got the news that he was the hot favorite for Best Actor award, immediate treated everyone to ice cream.

When one has happy news, not only his mood soars, he also tend to be more talkative!  It was said that Louis Koo is nominated in Best Actor award through his movie 'Accidents', where the entire cast headed to the premier last week.  Upon arrival, news was that Louis Koo is a hot favorite for this time's Best Actor award, and he could not help be smug, immediate treating everyone to ice cream at an ice cream stall near their hotel.  On the premier night of 'Accidents', he was dressed in a smart suit, upon seeing Michelle Ye, he who is usually too cool to talk much, suddenly laughed at her hairstyle: "Wa, how come you have a dragon ball character hairdo?", causing Michelle to be lost of words.  Brother, her neck band and earring is worth more than a million HKD, it's not dragon ball character look, it's a worth to die for look!

Caption above photo of Director Cheng, Michelle & Richie:

During 'Accidents' press conference, Michelle Ye appeared in low chest dress, grabbing all attention from the men, Richie Ren and Director Cheng Pou Sui.



Caption beside photo of Louis & Michelle:

On the night of Premier, Michelle who wore Bvlgari accessories worth more than a million HKD was teased by Louis Koo to look like dragon ball character.


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