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Michelle Ye: I have not been a 'flower vase' for many years

Posted by Kim on March 1, 2009 at 9:05 AM

01 Mar 2009 - Michelle Ye: I have not been a 'flower vase' for many years

L' OFFICIEL HOMMES Exclusive Interview


Michelle Ye: I have not been a 'flower vase' for many years

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When I first got to know Michelle Ye, she was a straightforward and bright young lady acting in several of TVB's series, her hearty and genuine laugh on screen is her iconic gesture. Later, she is published in almost every magazines you can find along Hong Kong streets, labelled as the rumor queen and electrifying queen by gossip media. Now, she has completely transformed from a TV series actress into a gorgeous movie star. In Lunar New Year movie, 'Lady Cop, Papa Crook' (LCPC), she cleared away her extravagant glitters, and plays a responsible mother, her image simple and unadorned, allowing audience to focus on her exquisite acting skills. Recently, Michelle Ye accepted L' OFFICIEL HOMMES exclusive interview, telling us the progress of a beautiful 'flower vase' (actress who depend on looks more than acting skills) who transforms into a skilled actress.



MY – Michelle Ye


LH: Actress who debut from beauty pageants are usually labelled as 'flower vas', do you mind this label? How did you finally leave behind this label?

MY: I remember there was a very beautiful actress who once told me, she said that if I was a 'flower vase', at least my beauty is recognized, thus I was not unhappy when I got the label when I first debut, but I feel that as an actress, it is quite a grief to always give people the 'flower vase' impression. Luckily I was not too popular when I was in the pageant, thus most people did not know me from the pageant, but it was through my works that they got to know me, thus I have long left behind the label 'flower vase', haha.


LH: What advice do you have for girls who wish to enter the entertainment industry through pageant like you?

MY: It is undeniable that entering the entertainment circle through pageant is a shortcut, but pageant is just the first step into the entrance of the entertainment circle, a very small step, to achieve success in this industry, we still need to depend on hard work, diligence, depending solely on beauty will not get you anywhere as an actress. Everyone has witnessed this, there are so many pageants all over the globe annually, there are so many winners, but there are just those few who can really build a career in the entertainment circle.


LH: This year, there has been unceasing happy occasions (wedding) in the industry, there are many female celebrities who got married, do you have the urge to get married?

MY: No, I currently don't have any urge to get married. To me, marriage is constructed on the basis of love, I also do not have an age limit to get married. Let fate decide it, perhaps at the right time, I will meet the right person and then get married.


LH: What kind of man will you choose to walk into a married life with? What kind of man is most sexy in your eyes?

MY: In choosing for my marriage partner, I hope that he is a responsible man, and that he has an open mind and the tolerance. Most importantly, he must be very talented. Towards a talented man, I can ignore all his other weaknesses. What kind of man is sexiest… …I feel that a man who works diligently and concentrates on his career is the sexiest, the kind of concentration they focus on doing a particular thing to the state they forget their surrounding, forget the time, where he does not get mad a trivial issues, it is very appealing.


LH: You left for Media Asia during your most popular years in TVB, what was the plan like? Are you satisfied with your current progression in Media Asia?

MY: I acted in Wong Jing's TV series 'World's Finest', and got to know Media Asia boss, Mr. Lam Kin Ngok, he asked me if I had plans to progress towards movies, I did hesitate for a while back then. On one hand, TVB is my first job, it is very familiar for me, on the other hand, filming movies is the dream of all actors, After further consideration, I decided to listen to my inner heart and joined Media Asia. At that time, I still had one year of contract with TVB, they love me very much, and allowed me to smoothly transfer to Media Asia. After joining Media Asia, my company fights hard for good opportunities for me, I have filmed several works that I am very satisfied with, I was most happy that I got nominated for Hong Kong Film's Golden Horse award. Now that I recall, I don't think I made the wrong decision back then.


LH: In LCPC this time, your role is very different from your real person, what challenges did you face when you were 'building' her?

MY: Initially, that was not the role that Felix Chong and Alan Mak gave me, I was initially the teacher of the little child, it was not until one week before the filming that I was given this (mother) role. I was very happy because this was a more challenging role, more outstanding. This role is a wife of a triad boss, and also a mother, it is the kind of gentleness yet very explosive when facing obstacles, a very accountable woman. Everyone is so used to the youthful lady side of Michelle Ye, when I can also be quite explosive, only that I didn't perform so yet in front of audience, haha. So this role is still quite similar to myself, thus it was not hard to build her, only that I have no experience becoming a mother, I needed the training and more observation.


LH: If the script requires it, do you mind to be totally nude before the camera?

MY: Yes, I still do mind, some time before this, Director Johnny To gave me role in one of his movies, it is a Hollywood invested movie, there is also movie kind casts inside, but the role had a stripping scene, I had quite a dilemma, because this is a very rare golden chance, but I still couldn't convince myself in the end and rejected the movie. Later they came to me again, allowing me to be the female lead, and there was no nude scene, it is the one I'm currently filming, 'Vengeance', it will be in Cannes Film Festival this year, I never thought I would have such return. Thus I feel that I am fated with this movie, and God supports my initial decision.


LH: There was a period of time where the media could not stop bad mouthing you, labeling you 'Rumor Queen', does this create any obstacle in your normal relationships? Are you still able to be friends with those who are rumored with you?

MY: It seems that this is the current perception of the entertainment circle, when an actor and actress work together, they will definitely have rumors, when two actresses work together, they will be having squabbles, it has become the rule of the entertainment circle game, every artist has been through it, and has such past. This is something I am unable to change, and can only choose to ignore it. Actually, the so-called bad mouthing, is also a type of challenge for artist, as the saying 'true gold is not afraid of fire' (Chinese proverb: As long as one is genuine, nothing can defame it), Me and my relationship partner understand this matter, so it is not affecting my normal relationship. For those who were rumoured with me, those who were friends, we remain friends, we do not intentionally avoid anything, because living so will be too tiring.


LH: You've had rumors with Zhang Mo before, is it awkward to work with Zhang Guo Li in LCPC this time around?

MY: Haha, My scenes and teacher Zhang Guo Li are filmed separately, we do not have any scenes together, we also have not met during any promotions, thus there are no awkwardness.


LH: In your own opinion, which kind of you is the sexiest?

MY: A lot of friends said I am sexiest when I play a female role that dressed as man, I have a few works, such as 'Eternal Happiness', 'World's Finest', where is dressed as man, I also feel that when I put on man's attire, the cool suave style is very appealing.

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