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'Bruce Lee' promotion in Guangzhou

Posted by MYR on July 21, 2010 at 9:21 AM

Source: Sina Entertainment

21st Jul 2010


Michelle Ye plays Bruce Lee's aunt

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The movie 'Bruce Lee' since filming has received much attention and is preparing to start filming, 20th Jul is Bruce Lee's 37th anniversary, the filming crew is in Guangzhou for promotion. The casts appeared in their filming costume, and flew some balloons in memory of Bruce Lee. During the press conference, the casts expressed their feelings towards filming the movie, most expressing that they are filming movie of their idol and are honored to do so.


Tony Leung: Bruce Lee is the legend of China people


Tony Leung Ka Fai plays Bruce Lee's father, talking about when first accepting the movie, he said there was no special reason, simply because it was a movie about Bruce Lee. Tony Leung expressed that Bruce Lee is his idol and is the legend of people of China, that he is lucky and honored to play his father.


Christy Chung returns in plain appearance; Michelle Ye 'tricked into' (to accept) film


The press conference was theme based on the 'legend' and the cast appeared in their filming costume, among the many casts, the one whose difference was biggest was Christy Chung who gave up her 'Sexy Goddess' path and appeared simple and plain to play Bruce Lee's mother. With 'Bruce Lee' as her first work since return to the industry, Christy Chung who has not filmed for six years expressed that this role model mother is successful in bringing up her child and being a support to the husband and that she is working towards that in real life as well.


If Christy Chung was moved into accepting the film, then Michelle Ye who plays Bruce Lee's aunt was 'tricked into' accepting the film. Michelle Ye revealed that after winning the HKFA Best Supporting Actress award, she was invited to film 'Bruce Lee' by Manfred Wong, saying she plays a role that faces Bruce Lee all day long, will sleep with him, bath him, so she secretly thought it was nice to be able to be with good looking guy at such close proximity and thus immediately accepts, but when she read the script she then got to know she is in fact playing Bruce Lee's aunt, someone who brought him up since young. She introduced that Bruce' aunt and father are the two roles who molded Bruce into the hero who loves his country, and is a crucial role.



Michelle Ye, Tony Leung Ka Fai in 'Bruce Lee'

Source: Tengxun Entertainment


21st Jul 2010


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