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Michelle plays triple sided spy in 'Jian Dao Zhan Shi'; portraying whole new image of spy

Posted by MYR on August 6, 2010 at 10:56 AM

Source: Sina Entertainment

6th Aug 2010







Sina Entertainment visits 'Jian Dao Zhan Shi' filming site; Michelle Ye reveals Yang Shuo matchmakes for her

Source: Sina Entertainment

9th Aug 2010



Director Zhao Jinkai is currently rapidly filming 'Jian Dao Zhan Shi' in Beijing. On 8th of August, Sina Entertainment made a trip to the filming set. In comparison the the army costume earlier on, Michelle's evening costume was much cooler, however this dancing scene in fact caused her to be injured for the first time since the filming of this war theme series. Michelle Ye told Sina Entertainment that the male lead of the series, Yang Shuo has done some matchmaking for her, "He introduced me his buddy from 'Sheng Si Xian' (title of series), I've never gone for a blind date before in all these years."


Injured in dancing scene; First blind date given to Yang Shuo


In comparison to the army costume she had to don every day earlier on, Michelle Ye who was in evening costume appeared much cooler, the purple evening dress looked grand. Michelle Ye introduced that they will be filming a dancing scene, and the role she plays, Ming Hui, will be pretending to be a dancer who in actual fact is seeking news, however she bumped into her lover before she lost her memory, and began to doubt her identity.


It is revealed that in the series, Ming Hui has to dance with both Chen Ting (by Yang Shuo) and Beidouhong (by Xu Chengfeng), the two parties began to cross paths at the dance. The aggressive dance also led to Michelle's first injury since filming the series, "I did not get injured in the action scenes of this series, instead got injured in the dancing scene, knocked my knee when dancing with Yang Shuo." Michelle pointed to a bruise on her knee while telling Sina Entertainment, "Yang Shuo says he finally knows why filming dancing scenes are awkward, because the duo needs to be closely prop against one another, only then the man can smoothly bring the woman (to the dance rhythm)."


The 'awkwardness' in the series does not seem to bother Michelle Ye and Yang Shuo's relationship outside the filming set, Michelle said, Yang Shuo is very enthusiastic and concerned about her life time matter (marriage). "Yang Shuo matchmake for me, and introduced me his buddy from 'Sheng Si Xian', this kind of made me exasperated." Talking about this, Michelle could not stop laughing, "Have never gone for blind dates all these years, but seeing how much effort Yang Shuo puts in, I do try to cooperate with him as well." As for if there was any possibility to progress, Michelle thought for a while and gave a very 'official' answer, "That depends on the other party's interest."


Loves army costume most; having both the appeal of feminine as well as masculine


'Jian Dao Zhan Shi' is the first war theme series Michelle Ye films in mainland, it is about 'Jian Dao Xiao Zhu' who went undercover into Japanese special agent group, 'Ying Hua Xue' to battle their strategies. In the series, Michelle Ye plays a member of 'Jian Dao', Ming Hui who has a mysterious background, she was initially the officer of a special agent group who then went undercover at the Japanese troop to oppose them, where in actual fact before she lost her memory, she was in fact the special agent of 'Ying Hua Xue', and also the lover of the Japanese troop leader, Beidouhong. Michelle Ye said, the role Ming Hui is quite similar to Angelina Jolie's special agent role in 'Salt', very witty, bold and smart, and is skillful in all kinds of weapons, explosives as well as fighting skills, "I have also specifically learnt some very cool poses of firing weapon from Yang Shuo and Xu Chengfeng, they are more experience in these matters."


Due to her missions as well as variety of identities in the series, Ming Hui has various kinds of appearance, including students, dancer, be it youthful, be it mature, 'transforming lady' indeed gave Michelle much satisfaction, "It does not feel like a war time series filled with dust and mud at all." However, among the countless appearance, Michelle likes her army costume appearance most, "Wearing the army costume gives the appeal of both feminine as well as masculine, the attire itself is very manly, but when a woman wears it, it is a combination of both. Everytime I wear the army costume, they become more alert, seem more appealed than when I wear the dancer costume."



11th Aug 2010

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