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Michelle Ye leads in 'Jian Dao Zhan Shi'; Spy films no longer just for men

Posted by Kim on September 8, 2010 at 10:26 AM

Source: Sina Entertainment

8th Sep 2010







'Jian Dao Zhan Shi' plays the 'Infernal Affairs' of China period times; Michelle Ye transforms into variations of special agent

Source: Tengxun Entertainment

10th Sep 2010






After the airing of TV series such as 'Drawing Sword', 'My Chief and My Regiment', 'Zhan Huo Zhong De Qing Chun' series with the war time theme seemed to be the hot favorite of audience. The day before last, 'Jian Dao Zhan Shi' leading popular actress Michelle Ye, and directed by 'Father of War Time', Director Zhao Junkai, is rapidly filming in Beijing.


'Jian Dao Zhan Shi' integrates a large influence of spying elements, it is about a group of devoted youngsters during the China period times who formed their 'Jian Dao Xiao Zhu' to sneak into their enemy's camp and to oppose the Japanese by strategies. The series demonstrates the spying and undercover works and the operation of such associations, bringing to audience the China period times version of 'Infernal Affairs'.


Michelle Ye plays '3 way special agent'; variations of appearance


Michelle Ye plays Ming Hui who is a '3 way special agent' of the China, Japanese and共. Due to the need to portray the differences when shuffling among them, there will be a lot of appearance makeover scenes. After being recognized as the new action actress after her successful movies, 'Fire of Conscience', 'Choy LI Fut Fist', etc action movies, Michelle Ye now wins the 'Special agent beauty of China period era' label. The crew revealed that Michelle's tailored made costumes alone comes in more than tens – from an innocent student of the China period era, to the petite Kimono dressed mature lady; from coquettishly charming nightclub dancer, to the dashing and courageous army officer… Michelle Ye is definitely undergoing a wide variation of transformation in the series.


'Undercover relationship' is the real dilemma


'Jian Dao Zhan Shi' is different from the war time series in the past in that it integrates spying, action, mystery as well as love in a perfect combination, promising a refreshing outcome for audience. Besides having to finish much time for the spying and action scenes outdoor, Michelle Ye will also need to have a 'undercover relationship' with the two male leads, Yang Shuo as well as Xu Chengfeng. It is introduced that Ming Hui initially lost her memory and forgot her background, and is recruited into 'Jian Dao Xiao Zhu' by Chen Ting (by Yang Shuo) to oppose the Japanese. The two went through a lot of dangerous missions and their relationship buds from there. It is unexpected that before losing her memory, Ming Hui is actually related to to the Japanese leader, Beidouhong (by Xu Chengfeng). Facing with the extreme contradictions of ideology and situations, her relationship becomes her real dilemma… Michelle Ye expressed, in comparison to the struggle for benefits in between the two forces, the real predicament lies in her 'undercover relationship'. "When accepting the film after reading the script back then, one of the most important factors was because of the variety of identities and the interchange of love relationship, it is a very big challenge in acting wise."


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