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Michelle Ye visits Long Gang to aid education for poor youth; honored to be the compassionate ambassador

Posted by Kim on September 14, 2010 at 10:31 AM

Source: Tengxun Entertainment

14th Sep 2010







'Entertainment Today' by Guang Xian Media, and 'Video Billboard' work together with China Youth Development Foundation to organize the 'Love Relay - Stars brightens China' series of charity events and to continue promoting the love at Long Gang. The new action actress of the time, Michelle Ye was present at the event as the compassionate ambassador, and went to each and every household of Long Gang to promote the idea of the charity event in efforts to recruit all those interested. Michelle Ye expressed that she hopes to put in her share of effort to reach all the poor youths nationwide through all means possible.


It is revealed that the 'Love Relay - Stars brightens China' event is to help the poor youths nationwide in their music education, to nurture their passion towards music and to help them achieve their dreams in music. The event this time around involves 26 cities nationwide, and has earned the earnest support and participation of hundreds of celebrities, the fund raised will be donated to the China Youth Development Foundation 'Music Classroom' community project.


Filming and Charity; Forgetting Neither


Michelle Ye: Helping others brings self satisfactionOrganizing committee of 'Stars brightens China' charity event mentioned, Michelle's healthy image, friendliness and her diligence in all aspects as well as her high influence on the society becomes their main factor of inviting her as the compassionate ambassador of their event. Early this year, Michelle Ye won the Best Supporting Actress award in HKFA through her outstanding performance in 'Accident'. Following on, Michelle Ye continues to win recognition from the industry in her following works such as 'Fire of Conscience', 'Choy Li Fut Fists', 'Jian Dao Zhan Shi' etc.

With her rising popularity as well as beautiful and healthy image, she is recruited into the mega production, 'Jian Dang Wei Ye', playing Li Lizhuang, who is the leader of female athletes in the earlier times.


Although work is hectic, Michelle Ye did not give up on her passion and determination for charity. She can be seen actively participating in the 2010 Bazaar Celebrity Charity Night event as well as Jet Li's One Foundation Celebrity Charity Race. When speaking of her role as the compassionate ambassador of the 'Stars brightens China' charity event, Michelle humbly responded: "Filming and charity has always been part of my life, being able to reach out and help others brings me much self satisfaction too."


Biggest wish when returning to grandmother's place in Wenzhou: Children should grow up happily


On the day of the event, Michelle Ye went to each and every household at Long Gang. Children were very excited to meet Michelle Ye, and gave her ceaseless hugs and kisses. They also took the initiative to show her the results of their learning (music), and performed the Gu Zheng music, singing, etc. Michelle Ye rewarded and motivated them with hugs and applauses, she said: "My grandmother and mother are from Wenzhou, so I return to Wenzhou annually since young for festive season, it is a priceless experience and significant to have the chance to do charity at my hometown. I hope through the event this time, more children can have some achievements in music, at the same time I hope that the children can work hard to learn and change their future with their talent."


Charity: Calls out to public to share some love


As the compassionate ambassador of the event, Michelle Ye witnessed the underdeveloped conditions of the education facility and lacking opportunities of youngsters and said, "Charity is not something done overnight, although we put in our best efforts possible, the final objective is to personally be involved and help raise awareness of the society and public to show more love and care towards the growing youths and the challenges they face."


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