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Michelle Ye admits to be a homebody

Posted by MYR on November 3, 2009 at 1:13 PM

Source: http://stars.zaobao.com/pages8/movies091103.shtml

3rd Nov 2009


Female celebrity, Michelle Ye who was born in Hangzhou, and grew up in the States admitted that she is a homebody.


While filming series in Beijing with Anthony Wong, she accepted an exclusive interview, saying: "I'm more prone to be quiet, unless if I was having a meal with friends, otherwise I don't really go out much, I don't like to shop for clothes."


Will such character be a disadvantage as she is in the entertainment circle? She said: "It doesn't affect, my works are arranged by my manager. An actor's self-cultivation will bring opportunities."


Michelle has different perception towards the four actors she has collaborated with, she said French man Hallyday's gaze is deep: "Friendly and warm. We've become good friends after filming."


She said Director To is very serious: "When not filming, he's like a hero, he weighs loyalty heavily."


She said Simon Yam is a friendly and warm brother. As for Anthony Wong, she said: "He is very skilled and loves to read and write poems, loves calligraphy, and is literate in Chinese as well as foreign literature."

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