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Visit to set of 'Legend of Lady Yang'

Posted by MYR on November 6, 2009 at 10:47 AM

Source: Beijing Entertainment Paper

6th Nov 2009

At the set, Michelle who bath in 'Huaqing' pond, in fact appeared in short hair, and is an open woman who plays Cuju (ancient Chinese football) with men.  There are historical poems that depicts Lady of Guo to be a beautiful flirty woman, she is the only one from the imperial chambers of concubines who can threaten Yang Yuhuan with just a glance.  However, historical records of Lady of Guo is mostly negative, in Michelle's opinion, 'Legend of Lady Yang' is to give justice to Yang Yuhuan, Yang Yuyao and their entire Yang family.  Michelle will mostly portray the passionate side of Lady of Guo in the series, and finally her suicide for love scene will also be very touching.


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