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Michelle Ye plays legendary beauty in 'Legend of Lady Yang'

Posted by MYR on November 13, 2009 at 9:26 AM

 Source: Sina Entertainment

13th Nov 2009


Lady of Guo and Li Longji

Michelle Ye plays Yang Yuyao

Michelle Ye emitting her classic ancient charisma

Michelle Ye hand in hand with Anthony Wong

Michelle Ye's acting in place

Movie industry new talent, Michelle Ye is currently propelling in fame.  She was present at Cannes Film Festival as well as Venice Film Festival for double nominations, gaining recognition internationally.  Her participation in the current TV series is partly friendly collaboration, continuing her collaboration with Anthony Wong after 'Vengeance', she is playing Long Xiao Gang's outstanding 'Yang Yu Yao', Lady of Guo in 'Legend of Lady Yang', her portrayal is excellently accurate, bringing the character to life.

In the records of history, Yang Yuyao 'hates cosmetic  colors, faces the Emperor with the slightest make up', because of her natural beauty and elegance, she normally does not put on makeup.  In the series, she is a lively, open, and intelligent.  After her love at first sight with Emperor Tang, she became the most favorite among the Chamber of Imperial Cocubines, the only woman who is able to win the Emperor's favor for Lady Yang among the three thousand beauties.  Meanwhile she is a passionately romantic icon, one who's willing to sacrifice life for love, it was most unforgettable when she suicides for the love of her life, Prime Minister Yang Guozhong.  Solid and outstanding performance matching with beautiful appearance, Michelle Ye playing Yang yuyao has moved director and crews to tears.

To play the role Yang Yuyao, Michelle Ye had in fact rejected Director Johnny To's 'Enigmatic Case'; luckily Director To favors this new favorite of his very much, and awaits for her to finish filming 'Legend' before including her as the female lead for his new movie. 

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