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Michelle Ye exposes behind scenes of 'Lady Yang'; discusses about poetry literature with Anthony Wong

Posted by MYR on December 3, 2009 at 11:41 PM

Source: Wangyi Entertainment

3rd Dec 2009





After 'Vengeance', Michelle Ye who was once TVB's fa dan works with Anthony Wong for the second time, playing the role 'Yang Yuyao', Lady of Guo in Director Long Xiao Gang's 'Legend of Lady Yang'.  Long Xiao Gang praised her to bring Lady of Guo's beauty and emotions to life through her brilliant performance.  Michelle Ye expressed that she had in fact rejected Johnny To's 'Enigmatic Case' just for this Lady of Guo role, "Luckily Director To does not mind, he is including me in his new production after I finish filming 'Legend of Lady Yang'."On December 3rd, 2 in the afternoon, Michelle Ye was present at Wangyi's chatroom to share the stories of behind scenes while filming 'Legend of Lady Yang', clarifying more on her role in the series.

Michelle Ye back in Dynasty Tang to 'win favor'; new role requires horse riding and playing soccer

WY = Wangyi; MY = Michelle Ye


WY: Hello netizens on Wangyi, welcome to our 'Super Face to Face' program, we are very honored with the presence of a big beauty today, someone everyone is very familiar with, Miss Michelle Ye.

MY: Hello (to host)

WY: Say hello to our Wangyi netizens…

MY: Netizens of Wangyi, how do you do? I'm Michelle Ye.


WY: Michelle Ye is here today with her newest work, a mega production of attention, 'Legend of Lady Yang', can you briefly explain you role (in series)?

MY: I play Yang Yuyao, Lady of Guo in 'Legend of Lady Yang' series, she is the elder sister of Yang Yuhuan, Lady Yang, they have four sisters altogether, and I am the third sister, we are playmates since young, we entered the palace together when we grew up, to fight for favor (laughs).

In the fight for favor in the palace, the other 'three thousand' concubines surrender to the backstage, leaving only Yuhuan and 'I', Yuhuan was also later sent back home when 'I' appeared, 'I' was the most favorite among the imperial palace.  Later, Yang Guozhong and 'I' (due to growing up together, and having love) got together, and left the palace.


WY: Is this Yang Yuyao very strong, a very calculative person?  As compared to Yang Yuhuan.

MY: There is no good person or villain in a palace story, everyone becomes selfish in order to win (Emporer's) favor, everything revolves about oneself, so there is a lot of perspective, the good and the bad is not demarcated clearly, whichever character you like become the 'good' one for you, everyone has their own stand.


WY: Netizens are all concern about one question, how did Director Long got you to play this role in the first place?

MY: You should ask him this (laughs).  Because Anthony Wong and I are in the same company, the crew were very determined and looked for us, they even came all the way to Hong Kong to discuss, after reading the script, I felt that this is a very good role, I like it very much, she is the type who dares to love and is bold enough to hate, the classic icon of a Tang dynasty educated lady, yet she is quite man, goes riding and plays soccer.  Lady of Guo is a lady comparable to the man in history.  She is very bold, and is brave before her own love and hate, she is forever going all out for her love, to the state of sacrificing herself.



Michelle Ye clarifies Yang Yuyao; reveals Anthony Wong in real life

WY:  We talked about Anthony Wong earlier on, Yin Tao plays Lady Yang, the casts is very reputable, inclusive of actors from three lands, even including Korean actors, I know that Michelle Ye is always working in Hong Kong, you are recognized for filming several TVB series, the films are different in Hong Kong than in Mainland, also working with different people, is there any difference?

MY: Of course there is.  I think Hong Kong actors, are from experience base… maybe because I have more collaborations, everyone is familiar with one another, the atmosphere at the set is very lively, does not seem like solemnly working, it's more like having fun.  The production in mainland are very earnest, everyone graduates from acting classes, unlike Hong Kong actors, in Hong Kong very few actors go through formal classes.  But there is not much difference.


WY: (Do you feel) More nervous when facing an unfamiliar working environment?

MY: Not really, because I myself come from Mainland, there is nothing unfamiliar.


WY: This is your second time working with Anthony Wong, when he was first announced to play this role, it seemed that a lot of people are unable to accept it, what is your opinion about him acting this role from your observation?

MY: Actually in real life, he is very rich in literature and drama field, he is unlike his surface, or like the weirdo roles he played.  He has many sides, he has very rich knowledge in literature, very detailed, at times when we aren't filming at the set, we do discuss about poetry literature, sometimes when he talks about certain good poems, he will even use a calligraphy brush to write (it).


WY: Both your communication is so full of literature air?

MY: Yea, because he knows a lot of poetry literature, thus we are very conversant in this aspect, the Tang emperor he plays is also a very literature educated one, he is good (playing it), very appropriate.


WY: Did you observe what method he uses to play the Tang emperor during filming?

MY: Its more humorous, he is very flexible, and not simply doing things by the script (book), but the good thing is that, a lot of his performance is out of expectation, its not something you can guess his next line after his first line of dialogue, a very rich performance.


WY: Yang Yuyao will suicide for love in the end, some tragic scenes in the series, if you were to interpret this role, how would you think her life journey is like?

MY: This role is a tragedy, she should not be born a woman, she should be born a man, because she is extremely outstanding, very intelligent and very ambitious, but under the limitations back then, she could only hide her talents, being entangled in love.  Should her boldness, insightfulness and intelligence be transformed into a man, he will definitely be incomparable.  When even Yang Guozhong listens to her, the Emperor and Prime Minister too, you can just imagine how excellent she is.


WY: When portraying this role, do you have more relationship scenes, or other scenes?

MY: This film is mainly talking about love, not much female participation in politics scenes.


WY: The film is entitled 'Legend of Lady Yang', 'Legend' (actual translation: secret history) will definitely involve some secrets, some interesting stories, any scenes that made most impact to you?

MY: Yes, Yang Yuyao and Yang Guozhong's actual relationship, why the Tang Ming Emperor is so swooned by Yang Yuyao, think about it, Yang Yuhuan is the role which caused the imperial palace to lose its colors (appeal), while when Yang Yuyao appeared, Yang Yuhuan was in fact abandoned, this is also some 'secret history' that a lot of people doesn't know about.


WY: Have you watched Director Long's 'secret history' series before?

MY: Yes, I watched 'Legend of Eight Immortals' before, its very interesting, Director Long's 'secret history' films are very successful.

MY: 'Legend of Lady Yang' is the ancient series which filmed me to be most beautiful.


WY: 'Legend of Lady Yang' is a mega series reflecting the Tang dynasty, there will definitely be very beautiful outfits, props and scenes, is there any that gave you the deepest impression?

M Y: Yes, during the 'Hua Qing Lake granted in spring cold', Director Long gave us hot water, it was really cold in Beijing, after adding the hot water, it created a very beautiful scene, created by glazed tile, I told Director Long then,  "Wah, this scene is too beautiful."


WY: The entire bath lake is brought to view?

MY: I've been to Xian to see the real Hua Qing Lake, I told director, the real Hua Qing Lake is not really like this, it's not as beautiful!  But who knows?  Maybe back then it was, but it has been destroyed, maybe it was so back then but we never see it.


WY: Do you have any appearance you like?

MY: There are a lot of types of appearance (in the series), I like the playing soccer appearance, very adorable, because it is very candid and casual, all the make-up artists, hair artists are top in the country, I'm very satisfied of the entire image, from make up until attire to color matching, it can be said to be my most beautifully filmed the ancient series.


WY: You should have a lot of beautiful imperial attire in the series, but you like your soccer appearance most?

MY: There is no need to mention on those royal elegance (appearance), everyone are wealthy royalties, we're in the palace.  The soccer (appearance) is more unique, because this role is outstanding in that she is comparable to the man, she is outstanding in soccer too.


WY: Is the soccer scene the one that left you deepest impression as well?

MY: That was quite a crucial scene, it's the scene where the Tang Emperor fell in love at first sight with 'me', this is also why she was more outstanding than Yang Yuhuan, thus the Tang Emperor instead fell in love with Yang Yuyao, because the male charisma in her is very candid.


WY: How was the love relationship like between Yang Yuyao and Yang Guozhong?

MY: They grew up together, and are distant relatives, their entanglement has been for decades, from teenagers (beginning) till the An Shi Rebellion times when everyone dies, 'I' was already forty something year old, while he was fifty or sixty something, it was an entanglement of love for decades, until when they suicide for love together.


WY: Why did Yang Yuyao not choose the Tang Emperor instead?

MY: Her love of the life is actually Yang Guozhong, but Tang Emperor fell in love with Yang Yuyao.


WY: So Yang Guozhong is her true love?

MY: Yes, otherwise she will not suicide for his love.


Michelle Ye plays life and death of love relationship in 'Legend of Lady Yang', collaborates with Xing Jiadong

WY: A lot of netizens are very concerned about the dialogues in this film, is there any that you have most impression of?

MY: Dialogue… The suicide scene dialogue (impression) was the deepest, director cried when he watched.


WY: What we're more curious about is if dialogue is more of the modern type or ancient type?

MY: I think that my dialogue is more of the verbal (chatting) type, it is easier to say.


WY: Since it is the 'Legend of Lady Yang', the most important will definitely be the love story of Lady Yang and Tang Emperor, are you worried that you belong to the minor role in the series?

MY: No I'm not, professional actors won't feel so.


WY: How much is the appearance of Yang Yuyao in the film?

MY: She is one of the main role too, this film has many main roles.


WY: Working with a variety of actors, besides the collaboration with Anthony Wong we discussed earlier, is there any brilliant chemistry you discover after working with other actors?

MY: A lot, we eat steamboat together every day after work, in that big house, the director arranged a very nice living atmosphere for us, we live together in a big bungalow, everyone chat together, eat steamboat, eat crabs, and some different group of friends who visit the set.


WY: Good relationship out of work too.

MY: Yes, good in the film, good out of the film, everyone is in a harmonious environment, when everyone is in such friendly terms in a film, in such good tacit understanding, this kind of chemistry will be demonstrated before the camera, and influences the audiences.


WY: In the film, your role and Tao Yin's Lady Yang are sisters as well as opponents, how is your personal relationship like?

MY: We share very good relationship in private, we live together, and have a lot of time to socialize together.


WY: Have you ever thought that it would be good too if you played Lady Yang, do you think you are suitable?

MY: Me acting Lady Yang? … Not sure about that, I can't imagine something that doesn't happen.


WY: Besides the 'Legend of Lady Yang' we are now discussing, I heard that you are filming a new production soon in Hengdian?

MY: Yes


WY: Is it convenient for you to reveal it to us now?

MY: Maybe I need the production crew to agree before I can reveal, but it is a very good script, it touched me deeply, rarely see such an exquisite story of faith, a lot of TV series may have themes about power struggle, love or some profession in detail, I've seen a lot of these, but those themes about spirit and mentality are very rare, it may be similar to 'Soldier Sortie' (士兵突击).


WY: Is it an ancient series?

MY: It is a series of 1900 timeline, the theme is about human faith, every role has different faith, some are religious faith, some are worldly faith, it is about all the faith in the world.  My role's faith is a very conventional ethics and family, it is about a life of a woman, from her teens to her days in her forties, it is presenting a common role in the big era.  But the integration is excellence, it is a the making from a famous novel, integrating the common character with the big era so well that the role appears very great.


WY: You can't reveal more now?

MY: Which aspect to reveal?

WY: Perhaps your collaboration partner?

MY: My collaboration partner is Xing Jiadong


WY: The one we are familiar with?

MY: Yes, I've seen his 'Soldier Sortie', Bao Qiang is my good friends, he gave me a set of 'Soldier Sortie' for me to watch, this time he looks for me, and told me the male lead is Xing Jiadong, I was initially blank, but when they told me he's the role in the series (Soldier Sortie), I immediately said that I love the series.


WY: A few days ago he was also in your current seat accepting our interview.

MY: Really? (Laughs)


WY: Which films do you personally prefer, ancient, modern or era (1900s) films?

MY: None preference really, everything is fine with me.


WY: Because you role is of a variety, in movies and in series we see you having a lot of different attempts.

MY: Yes, I like to try new things, I won't insist to (limit) play a certain type of role, or certain genre (era) of film.


WY: 'Vengeance' and 'Accident' before this were both nominated for international film festivals, are you thinking of going further in the movies industry in future?

MY: Actually, I've been concentrating on movies these two years, I've filmed tens of movies, a lot are Hong Kong production, but I like series too, it is my debut industry, when I see good scripts, good roles, I will reject movies to film series, including 'Legend of Lady Yang', including the series I will begin filming soon, I've rejected roles in movies (to act in series).  My friends told me, why don't you act in movies and choose series?  It sounds very easy, because the time is shorter, but for me, the role I like is most important, prioritized above every other conditions.


WY: When we discuss about Michelle's career history, it is a bit unique, because you're from mainland, but become famous for filming Hong Kong TVB's series, and now you are back in Mainland to film.

MY: Right


WY: After experiencing so much in the acting industry, do you have anything (experience) to share?

MY: To share my experience in acting… there is too much to say, I can't say in a while, which part specifically do you want me to share?


WY: From the growing up atmosphere to the working atmosphere, is it hard to overcome in the beginning?

MY: It was good, I lived in the States for a period of time when I was young, I was born in Hangzhou, I lived in both places for some time, you will realize that ' walking ten thousand of miles' (extract from Chinese proverb) is indeed a good thing, able to accept the culture and life there, you will also realize you have gained a lot, it will 'build' you into a unique character.



Dubbed for Fan Bing Bing in 'Bodyguards & Assassins'; Michelle Ye anticipates to work with Peter Chan

WY: Besides performance in front of camera, it seems that you're dubbing for Fan Bing Bing's role in "Bodyguards & Assassins'?

MY: Right.


WY: Is it completed?

MY: Yes, it is completed, I used to dub for myself last time, rarely dub for others.


WY: Using your voice to portray a role, how different is this experience?

MY:  Yes, I remember the last 'Overhead', they were my very good friends, Alan Mak and Felix Chong, I was filming their 'New Yong and Dangerous', director told me, that his movie will be released soon and asked me to help him in dubbing.  I started there, a lot of people recognized my voice right away, it was my first time dubbing (for others), and then a lot of people praised my dubbing, I remember Louis Koo  praised me highly, it gave me some confidence for dubbing, that is why when Director Peter Chan came to me this time, I agreed too, since I have the ability in this aspect, why not.


WY: Unexpected discovery of this talent.

MY: Right, and its recognized.  Art of voice, voice comes first, voice has the influencing ability beyond imagination, although this industry is a visual profession, the visual seems to stimulate most to audience, but the voice is actually the greatest silent influencing factor.


WY: A lot of people admire you, that you're trying a lot of different roles all these while, working with a lot of excellent actors, like Anthony Wong and Louis Koo, is there any good partners that is unforgettable?

MY: If I mention any one, others will get angry (laughs), they are all very good, these few years, I've worked more with Anthony Wong, Richie Ren, Louis Koo, they're all extremely great, allowing my acting career life to be very rich, I've learnt a lot, and we're all very good friends.


WY: Which director or which actor do you anticipate to work with after this?

MY: I anticipate to work with Director Peter Chan, after my last dubbing, I feel that he is very exquisite, and his observation is very accurate, he is the producer of such a mega movie, yet he came all the way from Beijing to Hong Kong to get me to dub, it is obvious he is puts in his efforts personally, and he listens very accurately, he can hear every turning bit, every emotion, that detailed, yet at the same time he grasps the grand finale well, a very respectable director.


WY: Talking about Michelle's role, although the type of character is different, but there is a consistent cold, the mysterious feeling, are you so in real life?

MY: Maybe the mystifying part (laughs), I don't know.


WY: Sometimes your gaze before the camera is exceptionally penetrating, it gives people a distant feeling.

MY:  Right, I don't know, some friends said I belong to the two extremes, people who don't know me will feel the distance, good friends will be so good like blood-related siblings, really, really close.


WY: Never acted the exceptionally sweet kind of role?

MY: I have acted before, maybe you've not watched?


WY: Maybe these recent years (the role you act) gives me the mysterious feeling, the distant feeling.

MY: Right, yes, it is.  When I just debut, I acted a lot of sweet youthful girls, then it felt too simple, and is not nice to be just one sided, so I acted more solidly, thus the role I play these days are usually from teens to the thirties or forties, some of the entire process, I will mostly choose this type of role, or a person that plays double roles.  This poses more challenges to actors, the initial sweetness will be less, and the character development will be a mature process, for you and for audience, the impression may be mature.


WY: Michelle is initially recognized through TVB's series, such as 'Eternal Happiness', although you've left TVB for so long, do you follow some famous series that TVB is currently filming, such as the recently airing 'Beyond the Realm of Conscience'?

WY: No, don't have much time to watch TV, I will buy DVDs if I want to watch, because need to watch continuously, if missed some in the middle, I won't be able to catch up.

WY: It's harder to watch day by day.

MY: No time, I buy DVDs.


WY: Maybe this topic will be a little solemn, Chan Hung Lik left us a few days ago, at that point of time, Wangyi immediately got in touch with Michelle too, and asked your response, because you've had very good collaboration together, do you recall this partner often?

MY: I've thought a lot of the past since the incident.


WY: Do you have any new plans after this, besides the new film.

MY: Yes, my schedule is pack till end of next year, a lot (of plans).


WY: Being an actor for so long, you've gotten a lot of recognition, do you have a short term target, hoping to achieve a certain something at certain stage?

MY: I hope to be able to portray a role like its exactly supposed to be, this is my target, hopefully to achieve this level.


WY: Any seniors you admire a lot, hopefully to be like them?

MY: Seniors I admire? A lot…


WY: In the industry.

MY: Anthony Wong is an actor who can act exactly how the role is suppose to be.


WY: So he is a role model?

MY: Right.


WY: There are a lot of your loyal fans before the screen now watching this chat, do you have any words for them?

MY: Is there a lot… ok, I hope you guys like our chat today.

WY: Really appreciate Michelle being our guest today, sharing a lot of splendid stories, hopefully netizens will support Michelle's new work 'Legend of Lady Yang; and her upcoming, mysterious 1900 era film.  Thank you netizens, and thank you Michelle.


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