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'Gu Cheng Wang Shi' (literally: Story of Ancient City) begins filming; Michelle Ye, Xing Jiadong portrays love in ancient poems

Posted by MYR on December 24, 2009 at 10:01 AM

 Source: Sina Entertainment

24th Dec 2009


Renowned director Xia Gang, and lead casts Michelle Ye and Xing Jia Dong are filming era-time mega production 'Gu Cheng Wang Shi' in Hengdian. In the series, Michelle Ye and Xing Jiadong plays couple whose love overcomes many obstacles as in ancient poems.

The series is an adaptation of 'Grandma's Ancient City' novel by famous female author, Lin Zhe. It assembles Michelle Ye, Xing Jiadong, Fang Zichun, etc popular actors. Xing Jiadong who became popular with 'Soldier Sortie' and 'My Chief, My Regiment' series will lose his 'soldier hero' image this time around and play a gentleman doctor, Mu Tianen. In the chaotic times of war era, he is willing to sacrifice his warm and perfect family and love, to go into the war, experiencing all kinds of challenges and dangers, but never wavering his loyalty towards his wife as well as his belief.

Female lead is none other than the double nominated icon, Michelle Ye at both Cannes and Venice Film Festival. She will be playing two roles by herself with her solid acting, playing the female lead Xiu Mei and younger sister Xiu Ju. Gentle elder sister, Xiu Mei is very capable and tolerant, she is the classic iconic figure of China's brilliant woman, younger sister Xiu Ju is instead quick witted and vivacious, also perceptive and rebellious, she escapes from marriage as she rejects the idea of arranged marriage and joins the revolution parties. Her sister's escape from marriage has caused much suffering yet brings a fulfilling relationship for Xiu Mei and Mu Tianen.

Series male lead, Mu Tianen (by Xing Jiadong) and Gu Xiumei (by Michelle Ye) is a couple who lives in the 1920s, the time of chaotic wars. The years of hunger and turbulence has caused their fate to become a legend. The story is about Gu Xiumei's determination in safeguarding her love, marriage, as well as Mu Tianen's career as a frontline doctor, portraying the revolution of love and fate of three generation of a common family. It is portraying the conventional China educated class from an entirely different angle, telling their marriage and love, demonstrating the feminine of a conventional China woman. The love in an ancient city, the merciless war time, the cold and harshness of separation, as well as the appeal of the male lead, their belief and determination in their struggle for the perfect humanity becomes the highlights of the series. Meanwhile, Xing Jiadong and Michelle Ye's beautiful love relationship is also much anticipated by audience.

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