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Modern Lady: Michelle Ye - The other form of freedom

Posted by MYR on April 7, 2015 at 1:00 AM

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Translated by Rain @ michelle-ye.com

07 Apr 2015


Michelle Ye Xuan has yet experienced highly challenging times throughout all these years, from an actress who went on to be a host and then producer, all situations seems to be in her favor all the way. She conveniently walks through every role she ventures into at ease, at her comfort and pace.


The tremendous workload and hectic schedule isn't at all a burden to her; in fact that, to this amazing lady, is another form of freedom.


"I'm just too exhausted!"


With her latest movie hitting the screens soon, Michelle Ye is in fact tired to the core. "The situation today is a challenge to my limits." She smiled lightly, and seemed to be a little preoccupied.


At the start of the interview, she was sipping a glass of warm water, "It doesn't matter how tired I am, I don't take coffee, I don't smoke or drink either. I do not want anything unhealthy to provoke my well-being." She is one who takes extra measures in assurance of health.


She knows how to take care of herself well. "I live independently in the States since the age of 13 years old, thus I am highly independent, even before I entered the industry, I have learnt how to take care of myself." She stretched a little, diligently overcoming her exhaustion.


Filming is very tough; she has not taken proper sleep for a very long period of time. However, when discussed about her new series, she quickly refreshed and became excited.


"'Sou Suo Lian' is in fact the best script I have ever received since entering the industry. It is very factual, and reflects accurately the war events. In this war, my female role is especially critical, such role is rarely created, it is a rare golden opportunity, and thus I'd like to share it with everyone."


It was actually a script to be rejected. "After 'Immediately the World', I told all in my company that I will stop filming for the year after this, it was by chance that 'Sou Suo Lian' came by, and I just couldn't help to accept it." She smilingly revealed with earnest.


Known as the 'tough lass', she went all in when came in face with such an outstanding script. "At temperature below zero degrees, (I) was wearing just a dress and stoking, lying around at the war grounds, can you imagine how it felt like?" She wrapped her arms around herself, and shuddered a little.


Wisdom and Rationality are also sensual


The work that really enchants Michelle Ye, is not being an actress, but as a producer. "I wanted to be a producer since my first day in the industry, I don't aim to just be an actress although I really liked it as well, but (an actor) is unable to wholly present a whole production. If you want to have a good production, you have to be the investor as well the producer."


The pressure of becoming a producer is far more than expectations, "After the issue has passed, you will realize, it is but a small matter, at least that is how I handle matters."


She knows her ambitions well, and works towards it with her exceptional determination. "I once encountered a challenge no one else could imagine, for example when a film is rejected by the review board, and that it was bound for total lost, yet when everyone has given up, I went on with determination and made the rightful amendments, when it was finally aired successfully, everyone in the industry said that it was quite a miracle."


Maybe others might say that it was just a lucky moment, or maybe God takes care of his beautiful lady, but in fact, behind all the brilliant success, is Michelle's true commitment towards her career.


"I know some people will say that I am very capable, but I actually never really planned how my route should be like, I only have one dream, which is to produce good films." Even if initially it was all for the fun of it.


In Hong Kong, once you are a beauty pageant winner, you will immediately be a female lead. Michelle Ye is not satisfied as she wants more challenges. "It was just for fun initially, and later on it became real enjoyable, and that's how I came to where I am today. Actually the route is similar for all professions; there will be challenges and success, with determination you will reap worthy results."


When filming 'Athena', she often works 24 hours straight, and for months, she has no proper time for sleep and meals, "It was a test towards the physical limits, and your spirit's limits."


"It was quite mad, but when I reminisced it, that tough ordeal allowed me to be greater today, there is nothing that I cannot overcome." She said in the confidence of a superwoman, "But overall, I think I am a rational and logical person."


"Maybe some people will think I am not sexy, but sexiness is not in how much clothes you put on, or how much make up you have, sensuality is an appeal towards the opposite gender. I feel that wisdom and rationality can be as stimulating." She laughs heartily.


Besides filming, she also takes time to read. "I recently just finished the book 'Zui Hou De Gui Zhu' (literally: the last aristocrats), it is about a group of aristocrats from the Qing dynasties, who are living in the modern China world, the book is quite expressive."



Q: Do you have male character? Heard of that before.

A: Yes, friends all said that I am a man and woman in one, when I am a woman, I am very feminine, and gentle to the core. When I am tough, I become very strong, friends who are with me feels that I am two persons.



Q: Are you someone with a strong mentality?

A: I think I am, among my peers, I am one with the strongest mentality.


Q: Have you encountered an all-low time in career? How did you overcome it?

A: I have never encountered a low time in career before, maybe because I don't prioritize it too much, thus I don't feel the high and low of it. I don't think I have ever encountered too much challenges, be it in life or in career.


Q: Are you affected by the comments of others?

A: Never affected, since my first day in the industry, and in the years that has past, I am never affected, I never felt that my life is connected to what others words are.



Q: Any movie to recommend?

A: I just watched 'Enemy at the Gates', this is a very classic war movie, it is about the Russia's Stalingrad battle, and it is very astounding. Because I am acting in 'Sou Suo Lian', I can truly feel such a grand production war movie, the explosions and fighting, and the love between life and death, it is really impressive, and I feel very lucky, how many woman can experience such love? My bones are filled with romantic genes, a heroic romance, not just a man-woman love, but a greater love towards all.



Q: Do you have any other plans for future?

A: To produce greater films, more production and investment, acting is also part of it, acting is also part of creativity, producing greater films from all directions, this is my plan.



I really like challenging myself


Q: What are your new works to share with everyone this year?

A: I am filming 'Sou Suo Lian', it accurately illustrates the Defense of Hengyang battle. Defense of Hengyang is historically the most tragic war against Japanese where the outnumbered defeated their large enemy troops, it is not only well-known in the anti-Japanese war, but also in the world history of war.


Q: You have many roles in this film, can you share about them?

A: I am a major in Kuomintang, but initially I was the head of Green Gang, and also seemed like a Japanese special agent, after investigation, I am actually a major of Kuomintang. The Defense of Hengyang war is fought by Kuomintang, I also became a nurse in the war times, because all men went to the front lines, thus women became the nurse in the hospital, then when the men were finished, even the women had to go to front lines.


Q: Any big challenges in your roles?

A: In this film, I am a sniper in the war, I am always in the front lines as well, this sniper role is quite challenging, it all depends on your eyes, snipers always get close up shots, for example in 'Enemy of the Gates', 'Sniper', mostly (snipers) will get a lot of close up shots, mainly focused at the eyes, no other positions, and thus you are acting with your eyes, there is no other expression or gesture or dialogues to assist you, you can't just daydream into your target, and it is just an eye aiming the far away target, the other eye should be scanning around, thus it is quite challenging, because two of your eyes are looking at different thing, and should still be equally expressive.

Q: After filming so much, are there any considerations in picking your roles?

A: Yes, firstly I minimize guest appearance, because guest roles cannot bring out an outstanding role, I will pick roles that allow more performance. Roles that are simple and just require your beauty, acting innocent and acting cute, are usually not my choice. I will choose roles that will require a gap of transformation from being innocent to a complicated one. Director Wong Jing said that I am suitable to play a role that transforms 3 octaves of melody, and thus I have always picked roles according to his tips. I will feel much satisfactions this way, I am more mature in person, I play roles that are 38 and 38 years old when I was just 18, thus I feel it will be more enriching to watch, if it is the same from the beginning to the end, it will be boring for the audience as well as myself.


Q: Do you personally like challenges?

A: Yes, I really love to challenge myself, life is all about learning and improvements, thus I am very willing to challenge myself.


Q: Is there any matter that you will still look forward too even if the challenges are crazy?

A: Yes, the films I invest in, the ultimate responsibility, when you are so busy that you are physically unable to cope, working 24 hours a day, and go on months without timely sleep and meals.


Q: In your crew, do you personally look after other actors?

A: Yes, after work, we make dumplings together, go for seafood, steamboat, make dessert; we often make a variety of food and celebrate Christmas and New Year together. Most are willing to come to my place to watch a movie and chat about anything under the sun.


Q: Is that how your female idol should be like?

A: My female idol is like Angelina Jolie, she can be a loving mother, as well as the sexy one in the 'Mr & Mrs Smith', she is also a powerful one, and very wise, I feel one who handles her career, family and love like her is a female idol.


Q: Are you someone who likes to be in control of everything?

A: I don't like it, I prefer best not to bother about anything, but as a producer I can't help to manage many issues. Actually I don't like to manage many things, I like to have fun, I don't like toiling for work, luckily this profession of mine is my interest, it is almost I am having fun with it.


Q: Do you feel very pressured as a producer?

A: Not too pressured, my mentality is, whatever serious matters there are, I will feel it is not a big deal. At the moment, I will feel the bigger the challenge is, the greater the reward will be. It has been so time and again, so is the route of producing a film.


A: You are a talent in the industry, and are highly educated, why did you not pursue your professional job?

A: This is quite a fate, I entered the pageant in Hong Kong and found my ticket into the industry and I never thought of changing my profession. As an actress, this is quite an achievement. Unlike my university peers, they are now rich and powerful, we are different yet similar in worth. When you are doing something you love, the sweat and results are the same, everything becomes worthy, I don't feel the need to change my career, I can be happy doing anything.


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