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'Immediately the World' - Zhang Liyu pursues Michelle Ye fervently

Posted by MYR on July 15, 2015 at 5:45 AM

Source: http://ent.people.com.cn/n/2015/0715/c233225-27310054.html

Translated by Rain @ michelle-ye.com

15 Jul 2015


A collaboration of Hope Century Motion Pictures and Zhejiang Dongyang Xinmei Entertainment, directed by renowned director Gao Xixi and casting Zhang Luyi, Peter Ho, Michelle Ye, Tao Xinran etc, 'Immediately the World' (Ma Shang Tian Xia) is a production to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory against fascism. The series is currently airing on DongFang TV and YunNan TV. It is entering the peak plots, where 'father-son' roles played by Zhang Luyi and Peter Ho will soon discover their identity, a touching scene bound to win the tears of audience.

Zhang Luyi, Michelle Ye plays war-time couple

Zhang Luyi and Michelle Ye plays Chen Qiushi and Yuen Chunmei respectively, the duo's war-time couple is out to win audiences' tears. An army official when facing commissioner Yuen, he will become another person, their love is deeply passionate. When Yuen Chunmei was injured, and told Chen Qiushi to abandon her, Chen shouted, "How can I abandon you?! What have I left if I abandoned you?" A touching scene of a war-time couple. There are feedbacks from audience, "If this war-time couple does not end up together, I will lose faith in love forever!"

Tao Xinran, Peter Ho - silent admiration causes heartbreaks

Peter Ho plays Chen Sanchuan who kills countless enemies at war, and is no doubt a hero. However when met with girls, he quickly dissolves to be a mimosa. It was love at first sight when he met with Tao Xinran's Liang Chuyun, and is always protecting her in order to win her heart. Sadly, Liang Chuyun has no such feelings for the poor fellow, and instead fell for his father Chen Qiushi! This torturous silent admiration will surely bring heartbreaks to audiences as well as tears! Even when Chen Sanchuan tried his best to win her heart, he is in vain to with the love of Liang Chuyun, up till the last moment of her life. This love was revealed by Tao Xinran herself, "I really wanted Liang Chuyun to accept Chen Sanchuan, because I believe that choice would lead her to happiness." Unfortunately, fate has its twisted ways, Sanchuan is still in vain to the end.

DongFang TV and YunNan TV will be airing 'Immediately the World' daily at 7:30pm!


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